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Partner Track Season 2 Not Happening At Netflix

Netflix has announced the cancelations of the legal drama Partner Track and the sci-fi series The Imperfects, with both ending after one season.

Partner Track season 2 is not moving forward at Netflix. Based on the 2013 novel by Helen Wan, Partner Track centered around Ingrid Yun, played by Teen Wolf alum Arden Cho, a rising legal star who finds herself willing to do whatever it takes to make partner at her esteemed Manhattan law firm. With that setup, the legal drama explores what people of color and women in particular experience as they attempt to reach for that big and often elusive promotion. The series, which also stars Bradley Gibson, Alexandra Turshen, and Dominic Sherwood, debuted back in August.


Now, along with the news that Netflix has canceled sci-fi drama The Imperfects, the streamer announces that Partner Track season 2 will not be happening. The news comes as a bit of a surprise, given previous comments from Netflix executive Jinny Howe. Shortly after the Partner Track premiered, Howe – who is the Head of Drama Development at the streaming service – revealed that there had been conversations about how to move forward with a second installment, and indicated that she was very pleased with how the first batch of episodes went. But it seems that the show’s viewership wasn’t sufficient for a continuation.

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What Would Partner Track Season 2 Have Been About?

Dominic Sherwood and Arden Cho in Partner Track

At one point, during Partner Track season 1, Ingrid feels as though she has to betray a friend for the sake of her career. But by the finale, Ingrid has her turn to endure the sting of betrayal herself when it’s revealed she doesn’t make partner because Jeff (Sherwood) told the firm about her arrest. The revelation is especially shocking because of the romantic relationship between the two and because Ingrid had called Jeff, trusting him to help her when she’d been wrongfully detained. If it’d happened, Partner Track certainly would have addressed that cliffhanger.

Sherwood mentioned his hopes that a second installment would examine Jeff’s past. It would have delved into why Jeff’s mother is spoken of in the past tense, as well as the character’s relationship with his father. But, now, with the news of Netflix’s latest cancelations, it seems those threads will remain unresolved.

In the reporting about the cancelation of Partner Track, it’s mentioned that the adaptation wasn’t a runaway success. It debuted with 16.7 million minutes viewed during its opening weekend, peaking at the fourth spot on Netflix’s weekly English-language series data. Along with The Imperfects, it spent only three weeks in the Top 10. It’s noted that this does not represent the longevity that Netflix hoped for, despite the legal drama’s low budget and initial optimism.

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Source: Deadline

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