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Why Fans Will Miss Vinny Guadagnino On Dancing With The Stars

Vinny Guadagnino was a fan favorite during Dancing With The Stars season 31, and everyone will miss seeing him now that he’s been eliminated.

Dancing With The Stars season 31 will not be quite the same without Vinny Guadagnino now that he and his partner Koko Iwasaki have been eliminated. The Jersey Shore star was at the bottom of the leaderboard every week and was the only remaining contestant never to receive higher than an 8 out of 10. However, his fans showed up every week to vote for him, which kept him out of the bottom two until 90s night’s double elimination. While judges may not have scored Vinny high each week, they loved watching him on the dance floor.


There are so many talented dancers left on DWTS season 31, but fans will miss what Vinny brought to the show. Vinny had a natural enthusiasm and charisma that shined through during every performance. Sometimes he messed up the steps, and other times he lacked musicality, but one thing judges never had to critique was his personality. Before Vinny’s elimination, Heidi D’Amelio was the first contestant to go home. She received high scores throughout the season, but judges felt she lacked vulnerability, and fans at home agreed. She may have been a better technical dancer than Vinny, but the reality tv star knew how to be authentic on the dance floor. His personality especially shined through during DWTS Most Memorable Year night when he incorporated fist pumping into his Jazz routine.

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Fans Resonated With Vinny On DWTS Because He Was The Underdog

DWTS Vinny Guadagnino and Koko Iwasaki during Bond night performance

One of the most memorable parts of Vinny’s routines is he and Koko would always work some type of skit into the beginning of their dance. This set them apart from all of their competitors because it showed how much fun they were having. Many fans pointed out that even though Vinny wasn’t a great dancer, it was obvious he wanted to be there. For Disney+ night, Vinny and Koko dressed as characters from Luca and acted out parts from the film. This was the night DWTS host Tyra Banks complimented Vinny’s acting skills and told movie producers to keep an eye on him. Even DWTS‘ top dancers of the season, Charli D’Amelio and Gabby Windey, have received criticism from judges for holding back and not letting their authenticity shine through. Vinny taught everyone on the season what it means to put your all into a performance.

Fans will also miss rooting for the underdog. Vinny never reached the top of the leaderboard, but he never gave up either. He came back every week and tried again, and when the judges gave him low scores, he didn’t let it discourage him. Each week, Tyra would call his and Koko’s names, letting them know they were safe, and the studio audience would cheer. They were so excited to see him get another chance to perform against seasoned performers like Wayne Brady and Shangela. Fans also seem to really like Trevor Donovan, another underdog of the season, but Vinny had a very unique presence that no one can compete with.

Some fans are happy that Vinny was eliminated. They make a fair point that dancers who are improving every week should stay in the competition while those who with low scores should go home. However, it’s also fair to argue that Vinny was improving, but the judges failed to notice. The remaining episodes of DWTS season 31 will not be the same without Vinny’s magnetic energy, and fans will feel his absence. Vinny was the epitome of what DWTS is about, showing up every week, working hard, and giving fans a performance they’ll never forget. If judges were scoring on that alone, Vinny would have scored 10s every week and won DWTS season 31.

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Dancing With The Stars season 31 streams Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Disney+.

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