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Marvel’s Latest Crossover Event Is Now A Holy Book In The Marvel Universe

Judgment Day, Marvel’s best crossover in years, destroyed the Eternals but gave them the first book in their new Holy Bible.

Warning: SPOILERS for A.X.E: Judgment Day Omega #1

Marvel’s latest crossover event is now considered a truly monumental moment in the Marvel Universe – so much so that the Eternals have immortalized Judgment Day in a holy book. The war between the Eternals and the X-Men, after erupting into a planet-wide conflict, ended with a decisive Eternals loss, and the group will never be the same. With their future in jeopardy, A.X.E: Judgment Day Omega #1 gives the Eternals hope for the future, because their present is all but hopeless.


Marvel’s Judgment Day event encompassed the entire Earth; what began as a war between the X-Men and the Eternals exploded into a planet-wide threat when the Progenitor Celestial decided to judge all of humanity (along with mutantkind and Eternals). The Progenitor, after judging individuals and groups, believed that humanity was unworthy of their home and began to destroy the entire planet. Only the combined efforts of the Avengers, X-Men and Eternals thwarted the Progenitor, and it reversed all the damaged it caused at the cost of its own life.

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Unfortunately, the survival of the world came at a great cost, and in A.X.E: Judgment Day Omega, written by Keiron Gillen with art by Guiu Vilanova, Marvel depicts the aftermath of the Judgment Day event. Makkari, the Eternal with super-speed, writes in the “High Eternal” style, and chronicles the entire event – including the death of Sersi, the destruction of the Progenitor, and the rise of Ajak as the new God of the Eternals. “Judgment Day – the first book of Ajak Celestia is complete, my God,” signs Makkari as she completes the book.

The Eternals Lost The War, But Gained A Holy Bible

Judgment Day is a holy book

Thanks to the destruction of the Eternals’ ability to resurrect during the event, the Eternals were temporarily unable to return from the dead. At the conclusion of the Judgment Day event, the darkest secret of the superhero group was revealed: whenever an eternal resurrects, a human life is extinguished in exchange. While this process is automatic and the Eternals have no control over which human is killed, it still fills them with tremendous guilt, especially the leader Ikaris. It would be only natural for a “holy book” of the Eternals to begin with a variation of the Original Sin seen in the Christian Bible – but in this case, their original sin is murder in exchange for eternal life.

With the Eternals in poor standing with the rest of the world, the group must gather around a new symbol (especially since one of their Celestial Gods almost destroyed the world). What better symbol than a new testament of sorts, one written by Eternals for Eternals? The Judgment Day crossover event was so tremendously important to the Eternals that it has now become holy writ – and since Makkari denotes this as “the first book”, there will surely be many more books to come. A.X.E: Judgment Day Omega #1 is available now from Marvel Comics

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