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1 Original Disney Snow White Character Would Have Made A Much Darker Movie

One Snow White character, from the original Disney animation, nearly had an entirely different personality, and it would have made them much darker.

One original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs character was supposed to have a different story, and the change would have made a much darker movie. Snow White is the first Disney Princess, and the first Disney full feature animation, and as such has been the root of many Disney Princess tropes. With this in mind, it’s definitely for the best the movie didn’t go with its original ideas for some characters, as this would’ve created a far darker movie empire.


According to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Art and Creation of Walt Disney’s Classic Animated Film, the Huntsman was nearly a completely different character, with a much more sadistic approach to killing Snow White. With the intention of giving him the name “Humbert”, the Huntsman was meant to be “one who actually relished the idea of killing Snow White”. The Huntsman having this personality would have massively changed Snow White. While The Hunstman is not the only Snow White villain to be changed, his changes are perhaps the most important, as the villain’s realization he cannot harm Snow White was a defining moment of the Disney movie and softened the overall tone of the film.

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How The “Humbert” Plan Would’ve Ruined The Huntsman Character

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The “Humbert” plan would have drastically changed Snow White, and it would have ruined the Huntsman character as well. The Huntsman’s decision to save Snow White shows the complexity of his character; he was under strict orders and faced major consequences for disobeying the Queen. Choosing to disobey the Queen shows his bravery and strength, which adds to his complexity, instead of making a one-dimensional evil villain. The Huntsman is not necessarily good, because of his agreement to kill Snow White, but his final decision not too makes him a much more interesting character than Humbert would have been.

Why Snow White’s Huntsman Changes Made A Better Disney Movie

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The decision to change the Huntsman makes Snow White arguably the best Disney Princess movie, as it adds nuance to a role that otherwise would’ve been a stilted and grim one. Ultimately, showing even an antagonistic character can be more than just cruel adds dimension to the world and its cast, making for a better Disney movie. Also, having the Hunstman be ready to kill the Disney Princess would have likely meant a change to the Snow White story, as with Humbert after her, Snow White may have had less time with the Seven Dwarfs as she would be running from him, and not just hiding from the Queen.

Similarly, using the original Hunstman would have taken away from Snow White’s true enemy, the Evil Queen. Snow White focuses on the Queen’s vanity and jealousy, and how these are the reason for her downfall, despite the theory which blames the Magic Mirror. In his original characterization, though, Humbert would have become the main enemy – or at least the scariest one due to his sadistic desire to kill Snow White, which would have erased much of the Evil Queen’s importance in Snow White’s story. The Humbert storyline would have been an interesting addition to Snow White, but the changes to the Huntsman made a much better Disney movie overall.

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