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10 Best Ways To Level Up Quickly

God of War Ragnarök was released on November 9th and is already proving to be the rival to Elden Ring for 2022’s game of the year. It’s anyone’s guess as to who could win as both are phenomenal groundbreaking video games that have caught the attention and praise of so many gamers.

Much like God of War (2018), GoW Ragnarök possesses a unique way of leveling up that contains various methods. Experience points go directly toward skills and runic attacks whereas equipping items and upgrading them increases Kratos’s overall level.


10/10 Break Everything In Sight For Hacksilver

Kratos in front of barrels and pots in god of war ragnarok.

It is a good idea to break any pots or boxes the player sees huddled in the corner of an area because there’s a chance they will obtain some hacksilver when they do. Hacksilver is the currency in GoW Ragnarök and is vital to leveling up Kratos’s armor and weapons in the game.

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Players should also open every chest they catch a glimpse of since every one will grant Kratos more hacksilver. Hacksilver will be even more essential during post-game when the player wants to upgrade their armor to max which costs far more than they probably have.

9/10 Never Sell Crafting Materials And Resources

Asgardian Ingot and other resources in god of war ragnarok.

Some players might make the mistake of actually selling crafting materials and resources they find that they think they won’t need. This isn’t a bad idea for more common materials that the player can buy from shops, however, some of them can be vital to a certain armor piece the player may want to upgrade in the future.

Dwarven steel for example may not be of much use to the player, and it can be bought in the shop later. However, Asgardian ingots are much rarer and will never be bought from the shops. It’s a good idea to keep every Asgardian ingot the player has because it’s likely they’ll use it to upgrade something in the future.

8/10 Make Sure To Pick Up Artifacts

Kratos picking up an artifact in god of war ragnarok.

Artifacts actually increase the player’s experience points every time they find them, so it’s a good idea for the player to completely explore the area they’re in if they want to get as much bonus experience as they can.

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Not only does it grant the player experience points, but all artifacts found can also be sold at the shop which gives the player hacksilver that can be used to upgrade Kratos’s armor, weapons, and weapon attachments.

7/10 Read Every Rune In Sight

Kratos approaching runes in god of war ragnarok.

Throughout the game, players will notice the various large stones that contain blue runic text on them. Players should read every rune that they see as this does grant the player some experience points every time they read it.

There are dozens of runestones throughout the game, so players should always look carefully for them. Many of these runestones are also found during different side quests, even during some GoW side quests that can be skipped more easily than others.

6/10 Embark On Every Favor

Kratos completing Quaking Hollow quest in god of war ragnarok.

Favors are side quests in the games that always offer Kratos and his companion experience points upon their completion. Some side quests offer the best rewards and help give the player better equipment to raise Kratos’s stats to better suit the player’s play style.

There are many quests that can feel like a drag or a bit pointless when no major reward is offered throughout it or at the end, however, the player will always get more experience points which is helpful.

5/10 Weapon Attachments, Relics, And Amulets

God of War: Ragnarok Relic Menu with Tailsman of Meign Equipped to Bolster Melee Damage Through Special Relic Attack Tied to Item

Weapon attachments and relics both work toward Kratos’ overall stats so players shouldn’t ignore these in favor of armor. These weapon attachments and relics will increase their effects and levels the more they are upgraded.

This is great for an increase and stats and an extra boost in the power they may supply in battle with their special abilities. Players should also seek out amulets that grant extra boons that can turn the tide of the game. Generally, players will need three of a set equipped to unlock the full abilities though some amulets are standalone.

4/10 Always Look For The Best Armor And Upgrade It

Dragon-Scaled Armor in God of War

Players will likely discover for themselves what kind of armor they will need based on their play style. Every armor has its own boons with special abilities and a different boost in stats. Some of the best armor players can craft in GoW can be found through various side quests and help level Kratos up more quickly.

Others can be found throughout the world or appear in the shop when the player makes it to a certain point in the game. Whatever armor the player is wearing at the time it’s a good idea to constantly upgrade it as this will help Kratos’s overall stats more than anything else.

3/10 Unlock Every Nornir Chest Found

God of War: Ragnarok Nornir Chest in Midgard Realm near The Oarsman Location Player Perspective Screenshot w/HUD

One of the most frustrating chests players stumble upon are the Nornir chests. These usually involve Kratos hitting three different figures with the same runic designs on them that are on the chest to unlock it. The challenges to unlock the chests vary and sometimes the little statues can be difficult to spot or hit.

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Players shouldn’t feel ashamed to look up online how to perform each Nornir chest because most people struggle with the difficulty of these. Each one gives the player either an Apple of Idunn (which grants the player more overall vitality) or a Horn of the Blood Mead (which grants the player more overall rage). These are essential items that will make the game all the easier as you level Kratos’ abilities up.

2/10 Undergo The Various Challenges Of Surtr’s Gauntlet

Kratos completing a Surtr's gauntlet challenge in god of war ragnarok.

Surtr’s Gauntlet makes its return in GoW Ragnarök at Muspelheim. Though players should note that they cannot get there until Kratos receives one of GoW Ragnarök‘s best weapons, Draupnir.

These challenges can be extremely difficult to complete, however, there are many challenges the player can try if they feel they can’t complete one of them. The rewards are worth it and offer various items and experience points every time they complete a challenge.

1/10 Complete As Many Labors As Possible

Choosing a mod token after completing a skill labor in god of war ragnarok.

Labors are tasks given to the player when they unlock a new skill, pick up a new item, fight a new enemy, or perform many other methods in the game. These Labors can easily be tracked on the menu and transition between Bronze, Silver, and Gold with the Gold achievement meaning that the player has completed the labor.

Every time a labor is complete the player receives experience points. Using a skill a certain amount of times is the best type of labor to complete as they also allow the player to stack on an additional effect called mod tokens to the skill like higher Stun or Burn.

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