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Crisis Core FF7 Reunion Has Redesigned One Of Its Summons

The Final Fantasy VII universe is home to five different versions of Bahamut, and Crisis Core Reunion has given one of them a new design.

Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy VII has redesigned one of its iconic summon monsters, alongside other visual and gameplay changes. The FF7 universe is home to five versions of Bahamut, with Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, and Bahamut ZERO appearing in FF7, Bahamut SiN appearing in Advent Children, and Bahamut Fury appearing in Crisis Core. Bahamut would return as one of the most powerful bosses in FF7 Remake, giving players the chance to summon him in battle if they can defeat him.


Bahamut Fury recently appeared as a summon in FF7 The First Soldier, which might be the last time it will be seen sporting its original design. The official Japanese FFVII Remake Twitter account has announced that Bahamut Fury will feature a new design in Crisis Core Reunion, created by artist Roberto Ferrari. Compared to the original design, this new Bahamut Fury has a more detailed and mech-like appearance, with the spikes on its wings resembling swords.

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Crisis Core Reunion Has Redesigned Bahamut Fury

Bahamut Fury from Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

Crisis Core Reunion has updated the character models of many of its cast members, which includes altering the Buster Sword design, in order to bring it closer to how it looks in FF7 Remake. The game features a number of QoL improvements as well, some of which are tied to the fact that the game can now make use of two joysticks, unlike the original version of the game on the PSP. Square Enix has confirmed that Crisis Core Reunion will have new dialogue, but this is a rare instance of something totally new being introduced to the game, with Bahamut Fury featuring a revamped design.

It’s currently unclear whether the Bahamut Fury boss battle will also be changed. In Crisis Core, the summons worked differently than they did in FF7, as Zack had to defeat some of them in battle in order to unlock the ability to use them. Once Zack received the summon Materia, it was then linked to the DMW, where it would randomly appear in battle and its attack would appear in a cutscene. It’s notable that the summons in Crisis Core were displayed using high-quality FMV sequences, which means a new one needs to be made for the redesigned Bahamut Fury.

The Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion previews have complemented the game’s improved visuals and smoother frame rate. The title looks so good that it can be confused for a full-blown remake, thanks to its new character models bringing it closer to FF7 Remake than the original version of the game. The new Bahamut Fury design in Crisis Core Reunion is impressive, and it will be interesting to see if any of the other summons in the game will receive similar redesigns.

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Source: FFVII Remake/Twitter

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