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Strange World Co-Director Wants To Make Marvel’s Agents Of Atlas

Qui Nguyen, the writer and co-director of Strange World explains why he would be interested in working on an animated Agents of Atlas project. Marvel has branched out into more animation following the success of superhero animated projects, including Big Hero 6. Last year Marvel debuted What If…? to great success, renewing the series for a second season and expanding with X-Men ’97, Marvel Zombies, and Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

Nguyen has worked on two Disney animated movies, Strange World and Raya And The Last Dragon, along with Don Hall co-director of Big Hero 6. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant Nguyen revealed that he would like to explore the Agents of Atlas through animation. He explained which version of the Agents of Atlas he connects with and would want to work on.


I love Big Hero 6 a lot. Are there any other Marvel properties that you’d want to tackle in animation? Agents of Atlas?

Qui Nguyen: Oh, yeah, I would, and it depends on which version, right? Because there’s the older version where it’s the old superheroes, and then there’s this newer version which I really connect to, which is Shang-Chi, Jimmy Woo, Silk, and all those characters that would be super excellent. But I think that those guys over there at Marvel Studios I think they’ve got a solid grasp on their characters over there.

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How Marvel Could Tackle The Agents Of Atlas In Animation

Jimmy Woo leading the Agents of Atlas.

The modern superhero team, with which Nguyen connects, is made up of Asian and Asian American heroes. Nguyen’s experience on Raya And The Last Dragon and Strange World shows his ability to tell unique stories with exciting heroes and impressive world-building. Although Nguyen didn’t work on Big Hero 6 he could team up with Hall once again. Raya And The Last Dragon even more so than Big Hero 6 may be the strongest argument as to why Nguyen and Hall would be the perfect creative team to take on an animated Agents of Atlas project.

While the MCU has built out an impressive live-action world, Big Hero 6, What If…?, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse demonstrate how animation can add a unique style and aesthetic to stories. What If…? and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse explore the multiverse in a way that would be almost impossible in live-action. Given the diversity of powers that the Agents of Atlas possess, including powers akin to those of Spider-Man and the Hulk as well as wind powers, ice powers, and a magical bear, perhaps animation would be the best way to approach these characters.

The Agents of Atlas are in high demand. Randall Park, who plays Jimmy Woo, and Mabel Cadena, who plays Namora, share a desire to be involved in a project focused on this superhero team. Marvel seems to be setting up the team, having already debuted Jimmy Woo, Namora, and Shang-Chi. Spider-Man: Freshman Year will also introduce Amadeus Cho and Pearl Pangan, aka Wave, although they won’t be part of the MCU’s official canon. An animated Agents Of Atlas could be the perfect way to introduce the new characters while continuing the stories of the established heroes. Agents of Atlas could be an exciting new adventure for Nguyen to tackle after Strange World.

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