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10 Best Fan Theories, According To Reddit

In an interview with E! News, Chandra Wilson shared what the series is like now that Ellen Pompeo isn’t appearing in each episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Wilson said, “As far as our story tones are concerned, we still have that Meredith voice there, that Meredith presence. The thing we’ve learned over the seasons is that Grey’s maintains its feel no matter who is there, no matter which characters are there.

While the show might not be all about Meredith now, she is still the heart and core of the series and she will definitely be part of the series finale, which fans hope won’t be for several more seasons as the hospital drama is still beloved. Whether talking about the very last episode or what happened in the past, Redditors have many ideas about storylines and characters.


Meredith Visits Izzie After Derek’s Death

Izzie Stevens looking in Grey's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd’s sad Grey’s Anatomy death sets Meredith on a new path. She disappears for a few months and no one hears from her, which leads viewers to wonder what happened during this tragic and upsetting time. Redditor pacrat292 wrote, “she went to San Diego to go see and spend the year with Izzie. Who is the only person who literally did lose their significant other through death.”

It’s nice thinking about Izzie Stevens being there for Meredith during this crucial time, as the two have a lasting bond even though they haven’t seen each other in a while. Meredith has learned how to lean on other people more, so this fan theory makes sense.

Meredith Is In The Afterlife At The Hospital

Meredith smiling in Grey's Anatomy Season 18

Redditor larg3tree mentioned the series finale of Lost and shared that it would be compelling if Grey’s Anatomy followed in its footsteps in terms of the characters seeing each other again after death. The fan wrote, “But obviously adapted for greys, in a hospital, meredith wondering the halls, meeting everyone from her past.”

Since many of the episodes are incredibly emotional, this theory seems logical, and Meredith would definitely want to see her loved ones again. Meredith is able to get some closure from visiting Derek, George O’Malley, Lexie Grey, and Andrew DeLuca on the beach in season 17, and it would be memorable to include a version of this, but in the hospital.

New Doctors Run The Hospital

Meredith walking through the hospital on Grey's Anatomy

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy has added new characters who are interns working toward becoming the doctors that they have always dreamed of. There are many fan theories about how Grey’s will conclude, and while many viewers want Meredith to be part of that, one fan suggested that there are fresh characters taking the reins instead.

Redditor darkkushy thinks that “the old guard leaves the hospital in the hands of the new generation.” This would be a sweet and emotional ending and is similar to how some shows say goodbye, as sometimes a new mystery is suggested or a new character takes over the main plotline.

Meredith Writes Her Life Story

Meredith Grey in scrubs in Grey's Anatomy

With so many great Meredith Grey’s Anatomy storylines, it’s fair to say that the series finale will feature Meredith significantly. Redditor honeyfixit thinks that the series is “based on the memoirs of Dr Meredith Grey. The ‘philosophical moments’ that bookend the episodes are direct quotes from her book(s).”

This is a compelling fan theory that takes into account the well-known voiceovers that have bookended the majority of the show’s episodes. Meredith does have some incredible experiences throughout and learns a lot about loving people and working hard.

Cristina Comes Back For The Series Finale

Cristina Yang looking serious on Grey's Anatomy

Ever since Cristina Yang’s farewell season, fans have been wondering if there is any way for the character to reprise her role. It’s possible that the cardio surgeon could be in the very last episode, as this is exactly what viewers wish for, and Cristina is one of the most intelligent and riveting characters on the series.

One Redditor wrote, “Maybe her and Meredith looking back at the hospital as they reminisce on all of their memories there together and Meredith leaves to start a new phase of her career elsewhere.” The fan also mentioned the characters dancing, which would definitely make fans tear up more than a little.

Meredith Sees Addison During Her Months Away

Addison Montgomery smiling on Grey's Anatomy

It’s also possible that when Meredith takes time away from Seattle to grieve Derek and work through what she’s going to do, she goes to see Derek’s ex-wife Addison Montgomery. Redditor pacrat992 wrote that Meredith “visited Addison while she was in Cali and they spoke about Derek.” While it doesn’t seem like Addison has been around Meredith’s children before, one Redditor said it’s possible that Meredith “put the kids in play groups or maybe even school.”

Meredith and Addison share a sweet moment of connection as they are both dealing with this loss and it does seem logical that Meredith wants to see someone who understands what she’s going through as they are facing similar emotions. Addison might resent Meredith for dating Derek when Addison and Derek were still married, but Addison respects Meredith as a person and does show people a lot of compassion.

Meredith’s Friends Gather In The Hospital

Meredith Grey looking serious on Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy fan support for Meredith has always been high and for several years, viewers have wondered if the show will conclude with Meredith having Alzheimer’s like her mom Ellis did. Redditor OddReputation8465 thinks that the final scene will be Meredith in the hospital with “everyone around her is helping her remember her life before she dies and when she’s lucid she fills in the gaps.”

Although this is heartbreaking to imagine, this fan theory has staying power, and it’s nice to imagine Meredith surrounded by loved ones who have watched her grow into the surgeon that she has become. This would allow the show to come full circle as Meredith would see that people care about her deeply and that she has had a long, full life.

Meredith Helps Richard

Meredith discovers Richard wandering in OR in Grey's Anatomy

One Redditor suggests that instead of Meredith having Alzheimer’s, perhaps another character who is close to Meredith’s heart has it, and Meredith is able to help them thanks to her medical knowledge and genius. The fan wrote, “The best way I could see this show ending is Grey finding the cure to Alzheimer’s to save Webber.”

Of all the emotional ways that the show could wrap up, this is definitely up there given Meredith and Richard Webber’s bond and relationship over the seasons.

Callie Is Working With Doctors Who Knew Derek

Callie smiling on Grey's Anatomy

Now that fans know Callie Torres is living in New York City with Arizona Robbins and they are raising their daughter Sofia, it’s possible to think about what else Callie could be doing. It’s fun to imagine the hard work that she is doing given her talent. Redditor Mawaruu shared the theory that “Callie has continue working on her brain mapping work with some of Derek’s old colleagues while he was living in New York.”

Callie’s best Grey’s Anatomy episodes focus as much on her work ethic and incredible discoveries at the hospital as her personal life, and it’s inspiring to imagine everything that Callie has done since her final episode of the series.

Meredith Makes An Amazing Medical Discovery

An image of Meredith looking serious in Grey's Anatomy

Redditor iGottaStopWatchingtv thinks that the show will end not with Meredith having Alzheimer’s but “Meredith making a medical breakthrough that changes the course of Medicine so much that they change the book from Gray’s to Greys.”

For a while, Meredith wants to work hard to live up to the expectations that her family put on her, but as time goes on, Meredith definitely realizes that she can make herself happy and that’s more important. It would be moving and beautiful to see Meredith making the impact in the medical world that she always wanted to.

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