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Why Blu-ray Is The Best Way To Watch A Movie

Why Blu-ray Still Matters In A Streaming World


With Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max providing so many hours of entertainment, it’s almost tempting to forget about the 4K Blu-ray format. However, many factors still make Blu-ray better than 4k streaming services. The best 4K Blu-ray players on the market offer superior video and audio quality without sacrificing modern smart features and the ability to consume streaming content.

How To Get Flawless Video Quality


While streaming services have made definite strides with audio and video quality, the ideal way to watch a movie is still with a physical 4K Blu-ray disc. Apple TV+ offers the highest video bitrate of any streaming option and checks in at 26 Mbps on some titles. Typical streaming services average bitrates of about 17 Mbps. Compression is an unfortunate reality of streaming, and one that spares viewers’ internet bandwidth. Compression effects can most clearly be seen in fast-moving or high-detailed scenes. Meanwhile, some 4K Blu-ray discs can offer bitrates as high as 128 Mbps, making a clear case as to why Blu-ray discs are better than any 4k streaming option.


Why Atmos Audio Sounds So Good


Dolby Atmos offers the most authentic 3D audio experience by adding additional surround-sound speakers, typically on a ceiling or in an elevated position. Atmos support with 4K Blu-ray titles is extensive, but remains a far more hit-or-miss proposition on streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. A growing number of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video series offer Atmos sound. Still, the number of Hollywood-produced movies they offer with this audio technology is much more limited.


Streaming services feature plenty of movies in their entirety, but they usually lack the additional content many 4K Blu-ray discs include. Whether it’s deleted scenes or director commentaries, true movie buffs often elect for 4K Blu-ray discs because of their bonus features. In addition, many 4K movie releases also are packaged with non-4k Blu-ray discs to save those who travel to a family member’s house only to discover they lack the latest technologies. Having both versions on disc increases your viewing options.

Why 4K Blu-ray Can Be A Smart Choice


It would be a mistake to think one 4K media player can’t provide the best of both worlds, with 4K Blu-ray compatibility and the ability to use smart TV apps. The best Blu-ray player options on the market, like the Sony BDP-BX370, allow movie watchers to stream their favorite Netflix and Hulu content as well as watch the latest 4K Blu-ray releases. The conveniences of 4k Blu-ray players don’t end there, as many feature Wi-Fi connections and screen mirroring technologies to cast content from mobile devices to large screens.

How To Be A Collector In A Streaming World


As enjoyable and convenient as it can be to stream a movie on Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max, afterward, viewers are left with little more than their memories. For avid cinematic collectors, another way Blu-ray beats 4K streaming is after purchasing a physical disc, they have something they can display and hold onto for years to come. While some streaming services, including Apple TV+ allow downloading, others like Netflix, are more restrictive about saving copies of your favorite TV shows and movies. Even worse, streaming films are often only on a particular platform for months before rotating to another streaming provider.

Why There Are No Bandwidth Blues With 4K Blu-ray


While the subscription cost of Netflix is rising quickly, already expensive internet plans now impose bottlenecks or bandwidth limits on some users. According to BroadbandNow, over 130 internet providers employ data caps, forcing users to either pay additional fees after hitting limits or go without internet entirely until the next month. While purchasing a 4K Blu-ray disc may cost in upwards of $30, streaming many movies during the course of a month may not be as affordable of an alternative as it seems.

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