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Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

After the live-action version of Kotaro Lives Alone premiered in 2021, the new Netflix animated adaptation quickly followed in March 2022. Both enjoyable series follow Shin Karino, a lonely manga artist who decides to look after his 5-year-old neighbor Kotaro, who lives alone next door. Along with several colorful characters in apartment 204, Shin and Kotaro go on a series of entertaining misadventures.

As fans await the fate of season 2, now is a perfect time to imagine how viewers might identify with the main characters of Kotaro Lives Alone by sharing zodiac signs and distinct astrological traits.


Aries – Kakeru

Kakeru and Kotaro fetch water in Kotaro Lives Alone

When Kotaro leaves the foster facility and begins living in his new apartment, he befriends a brave, adventurous, yet impetuously immature boy named Kakeru who has all the hallmarks of an Aries. When Kotaro offers to teach the naive young boy to become more mature and do things for himself, Kakeru eventually rises to the occasion.

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By the end of the episode, Kakeru demonstrates much more confident leadership skills when cooking for his family, traits Aries signs are also known for as the very first sign of the zodiac chart.

Taurus – Isamu

Isamu wears sunglasses at night on Kotaro Lives Alone

Upon moving into the apartment, Kotaro meets his loud bombastic neighbor Isamu, a divorcee who is too proud and stubborn to speak with his estranged son. Between his pride and obstinance, yet kind and caring ways, Isamu would almost certainly be a Taurus.

What gives Isamu such glaring Taurean qualities in the acclaimed slice-of-life Netflix anime is his sense of loyalty and compassion. Knowing he’s in the wrong with his son, Isamu compensates by going out of his way to act like a father figure to Kotaro. Despite the bluster, Isamu is reliable as any true Taurus sign.

Gemini – Mizuki

Mizuki talks on the phone at the dinner table on Kotaro Lives Alone

With their gregarious, bubbly, and magnetic personalities, Gemini signs are often considered the social butterflies of the zodiac chart. Such a description applies to Kotaro’s neighbor Mizuki, who uses her outgoing demeanor to serve as a hostess at a nearby nightclub, greeting patrons with a hearty smile.

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Also marked by their dual nature, Gemini’s twinning effect can also be seen in Mizuki’s personality. When she interacts with Kotaro, she often acts brave. But deep down, she’s hiding the fact she’s more unsure and insecure than she lets on.

Cancer – Shin

Shin grimaces on Kotaro Lives Alone

Shin Karino is an unpopular manga artist who cuts corners and uses prize money to make ends meet on the popular animated TV revival. However, once he meets Kotaro, he puts his indolent ways behind him to become a natural-born caretaker for the little boy. Since Cancer signs are often considered defined by their sensitivity, and willingness to nurture others to health and safety, Shin fits the bill to a T.

Cancer signs are also marked by their silly, often grating sense of humor, which Shin demonstrates to no end in his contentious love-hate kinship with Kotaro. By the end, Shin is even a greater caretaker than Kotaro’s parents.

Leo – Tonosaman

Tonosaman appears on TV in Kotaro Lives Alone

Tonosaman is the name of the cartoon Samurai Kotaro idolizes to no end on the well-received animated TV show. Tonosaman is courageous, confident, big-hearted, and a natural showman at heart, qualities that apply to the mighty Leo sign. Most want to rule the jungle like a big bad lion, and Tonosaman represents everything Kotaro desires to become.

Moreover, Leos are fiercely loyal and protective, something Tonosaman is shown to be time and again as he fights enemies with his Samurai sword to defend himself and his people. Most of all, like all lovable Leos, Tonosaman enjoys being the center of attention at all times.

Virgo – Aota

Aota looks sad on Kotaro Lives Alone

Often known for their high perception and inquisitive nature, Virgo signs tend to make the best detectives and investigators. Cue Aota, a private eye hired by Kotaro’s dad to locate his whereabouts.

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Virgos are often noted for their humility and practicality. In Kotaro Lives Alone, Aota is humble enough to admit his investigative mistake in thinking Kotaro’s father was the best person to raise him. Alas, when Aota moved into the building and got close to the boy, he changed his tune and opted not to file his investigative report.

Libra – Ayano

Ayano does a strip tease for Kotaro on Kotaro Lives Again

Symbolized by the Scales of Justice, no zodiac sign is more dedicated to maintaining the rule of law and finding peace, order, and natural harmony than Libra. In the acclaimed Netflix TV anime, Ayano is a young lawyer that goes out of her way to help Kotaro’s legal situation following the death of his mother.

Libras are also extremely friendly, extroverted, and comfortable around others, which Ayano demonstrates by checking in to play with Kotaro, giving him money, and, perhaps most importantly, keeping his mother’s death and allowance income a secret.

Scorpio – Ryota

Kotaro and Ruota jump at night on Kotaro Lives Again

Before Kotaro left the foster home, he had a special bond with Ryota, a caretaker with a penchant for astronomy who took Kotaro to witness a meteor shower. While Scorpios often get a bad rap for their scorpionic sting, they are also known for being extremely inquisitive and eager to learn more about the vast unknown, something Ryota shows in spades.

Scorpios also tend to be loyal, intelligent, honest, and ambitious, which Ryota embodies by understanding what kind of care Kotaro needs and knowing when to tell him the hard truth.

Sagittarius – Fukuno

Fukuno looks down in Kotaro Lives Alone

Fukuno is the name of Shin’s editor who often expresses dismay over his client’s laziness. Presumably, Fukuno earned the editorial position because he has a creative mind and talent for writing, something Sagittarians know a lot about.

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Due to their open-minded innovation and inventiveness, Sagittarians know how to express themselves artistically, with Fukuno also showing a fair and balanced assessment of Shin’s artwork on the show. Known for their hilarity as well, the droll interactions between Fukuno and Shin certainly support his Sagittarian status.

Capricorn – Kana

Kana holds her mom's hand on Kotaro Lives Again

Aside from being ambitious, driven, and strong-willed, Capricorn is also known for their stoicism and ability to hide their emotions. When Kotaro meets a little girl named Kana whom he plays with every day, she appears to have zero fun.

But what gives Kana her Capricorn qualities is the loyal support she shows to her mother, gladly sacrificing her happiness to play at Kotaro’s so long as it makes her mother happy. Part of Capricorn’s personality is to keep going when others give up, and Kana’s ability to persevere for her family proves as much.

Aquarius – Kotaro

Kotaro holds a samurai sword on Kotaro Lives Alone

It took a while, but Kotaro can only be described as an Aquarius for his precocious nature, adult-level intellect, and vast independence for such a youngster on the highly anticipated 2022 anime TV show. Kotaro is not only smarter and more capable than the kids in his kindergarten class and the adults in his apartment building, but he’s also a unique free-spirited individual who can’t be tamped down.

Beyond his advanced mental acuity and rebellious streak, Kotaro’s childlike idealism also speaks to his Aquarian nature, as he often delves into his samurai fantasies and escapes with airy flights of fancy.

Pisces – Takuya

Takuya rejoices on Kotaro Lives Alone

Takuya is one of Kotaro’s friends and classmates who meets the troubled young boy on the first day of school. Instantly sensing something amiss, Takuya’s profound emotional sensitivity lets him know that Kotaro needs emotional support, and is quick to give it to him. As such, Takuya aligns most with Pisces.

Known for their emotional awareness and ability to sense what others are feeling, Pisces is often thought of as the most sympathetic zodiac sign. From the day Takuya meets Kotaro, she goes out of his way to make him feel better after sensing his inherent sadness relating to his abusive parents and helps him run away.

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