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Cavill’s DCU Return Avoids A Bad Flash Superman Retcon

It was set for Henry Cavill to be replaced by a new Superman in The Flash movie, but with Cavill’s Black Adam return, he is here to stay.

Henry Cavill’s Superman return to the DCU is great news for fans of Man of Steel, but it also avoids a potential bad retcon in The Flash. Cavill coming back as Superman in Black Adam was a last-minute addition, meaning all upcoming DC films releasing in 2023 will have been made without this knowledge. The most important film this relates to is The Flash.

The Flash has been in development for years with different directors and takes on the film. The only thing that has been constant is that it will be some form of adaptation of the ‘Flashpoint’ storyline from the comics. This has led to fans speculating for years that Warner Bros and DC would use this film as a soft reboot on the DCEU, which seemed like a good option. However, Cavill’s return now changes that. While The Flash was likely going to introduce a new Superman, this would have presented a cavalcade of potential issues and divisions, meaning Henry Cavill’s return to the role can avoid these issues entirely.


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Why Replacing Cavill In The DCU Wouldn’t WorkBlack suit Superman

Replacing Cavill in the DCU wouldn’t work is because he’s already established himself as being capable of playing a great Superman. There is a reason fans were calling for his return for so long and why there was such elation when it was announced Cavill was returning as Superman. As well as that, Cavill is a really popular actor outside of Superman, appearing in Mission Impossible: Fallout and star of The Witcher, and thus it would be a bad move to replace someone who is so popular with the audience. Combine this with the fact his Superman is already established, and it’s clear his return is for the best

How Another Superman Can Appear In The FlashEzra Miller as Barry Allen with multiverse versions of The Flash

Despite Henry Cavill’s Superman return being a good thing, another Superman could still actually appear in the DCU The Flash movie. ‘Flashpoint’ is all about making changes to the current timeline while dealing with the multiverse in the process. It’s still not clear how Supergirl factors into The Flash, so a new Superman could be tied into her story. If so, it’s not impossible that a new version of Superman does still appear. The Flash was made before Cavill’s return was even a possibility, so it’s possible a new Superman serves a key role in the plot that now requires them to remain, albeit in an altered role.

The DCU avoids a bad Flash retcon with Cavill’s return, but another Superman is still on the cards. Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Batman in The Flash, as is Ben Affleck. Multiple versions of Superman could be a possibility, allowing Henry Cavill to still make a potential appearance, as reshoots or a post-credit scene could be possible to add him in – showcasing that Henry Cavill’s Superman is once more a franchise staple.

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