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Every Major Character Missing In Titans Season 4 (& Where They Are)

Warning: SPOILERS for Titans season 4.There are a number of major characters missing from Titans season 4. Some of these absences have been explained, leaving the door open for these characters to return at some point. Other characters vanished without explanation between seasons and there is little indication as to their final fates.

The cast of characters on Titans is one of the most sizable among DC Comics’ stable of television adaptations. This is an accurate reflection of the original Teen Titans comics, where the team roster underwent significant changes over the years and acquired dozens of members. While the Titans team of Earth-9 hasn’t grown that large, it has acquired enough members to make tracking all the major characters a cumbersome task. Here’s a rundown of every major character missing from Titans season 4.


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Ravager and Jericho

The result of a one-night stand her mother had with the assassin Deathstroke, Rose Wilson sought out her infamous father when she realized she had inherited his accelerated healing powers. Adopting the code name Ravager after being trained to her father’s satisfaction, Rose undermined the Titans from within over the course of Titans season 2, as part of Deathstroke’s plans for revenge. However, she ultimately betrayed her father and joined the Titans after learning the truth about Deathstroke’s role in killing her half-brother, Jericho.

By the end of Titans season 2, Jericho (who had the power to take over the bodies of other people) had started sharing Rose’s body. Rose was shown walking alongside the rest of the Titans going into battle in her Ravager costume in the closing scene of Titans season 2, but neither character returned for Titans season 3. One possible explanation is that they left the team to explain their shared body to their respective mothers. It’s also possible that the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths event altered history between seasons, so they were never part of the Titans. In either case, their absence has never been explained.

Red Hood

Curran Walters as Jason Todd aka Red Hood In Titans Season 3

The second boy to take up the Robin mantle, Jason Todd broke bad in a big way during Titans season 3. Adopting the identity of the Red Hood, Jason helped Scarecrow bring Gotham City to the brink of destruction. While Jason ultimately helped the Titans save the city, Nightwing made it clear there was no place for him on the team. Titans season 3 ended with Jason making his peace with Bruce Wayne, before leaving Gotham to start a new life. It remains to be seen where that new life will take him or if it will involve the return of a more comics accurate Red Hood.

Bruce Wayne

Titans Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne dances the Batusi

A continual presence in the lives of the Titans since Titans season 2, Bruce Wayne renounced his Batman identity in the Titans season 3 premiere, placing the protection of Gotham City into the hands of Nightwing. Bruce returned to Gotham in the Titans season 3 finale, to help rebuild in the wake of Scarecrow’s schemes. It remains to be seen if Bruce’s retirement as Batman will stick, but he is still using his influence to help the Titans. It was Bruce who arranged for the team to visit Metropolis’ STAR Labs branch in Titans’ season 4 premiere. He also set up a meeting between Superboy and Superman.

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Dawn Granger

Minka Kelly as Dove Dawn Granger HBO Max Titans

First appearing in the Titans season 1 episode “Hawk and Dove,” Dawn Granger was the second vigilante to use the alias Dove. Dawn had a complicated on-again/off-again romance with her crime-fighting partner Hank “Hawk” Hall, which finally came to an end after Hank’s violent death fighting the Red Hood in Titans season 3. Dawn was last seen in Titans season 3, episode 4, “Blackfire,” where she told Dick Grayson that she was going to stay at a place her family owned in Paris for a time, to figure out “what the world looks like without Dove.”

Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon looks up from her wheelchair in Titans.

Introduced into the cast of Titans during the season 3 premiere that shared her name, Barbara Gordon was the Commissioner of Gotham City’s police department and yet another of Nightwing’s former love interests. The romance between them seemed to be rekindling over the course of Titans season 3, but the season ultimately ended with the two parting ways. Barbara elected to stay in Gotham City to rebuild the police force, while Nightwing planned to return to San Francisco with the rest of the Titans.

Donna Troy

Donna Troy Titans

Dick Grayson’s oldest and closest friend, the former Wonder Girl was last seen in the Titans season 3 finale. After helping to liberate Gotham City from the Scarecrow, Donna Troy was approached about working for ARGUS, an American government organization that provides support to superheroes and deals with supervillain terrorists. Donna agreed to consider the offer, but told Nightwing that first she was going to travel to Paris to visit Dawn Granger and deliver a message from Hank Hall, whom she had met in the afterlife before Donna Troy’s own return after death.

Margarita Vee

First appearing in the Titans season 3 episode “Red Hood,” Margarita Vee was apparently a highly placed detective in the GCPD, who acted as a trusted aide to Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Secretly, however, Vee was a deep cover agent of ARGUS, who had been assigned to infiltrate the department and monitor Gotham City for superhuman activity following reports that Ra’s Al Ghul had an interest in Gotham City. With ARGUS overseeing the reconstruction of Gotham City, it seems likely that Margarita Vee is still there and waiting for Donna Troy to call her back about her job offer.

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Blackfire posing with her hands on her waist in Titans season 3

The younger sister of Starfire, Komand’r murdered her parents and usurped the throne of Tamaran in Titans season 2. Originally traveling to Earth with the intention of killing her sister, Komand’r adopted the name Blackfire, joined the Titans and became romantically involved with Superboy during Titans season 3. The two parted ways when Blackfire elected to return to Tamaran, so she could rule over her people, but the door was left open for Superboy and Starfire to visit her someday. It is also possible, but unlikely, that Blackfire could return to Earth if her former teammates needed her help in Titans season 4.

Titans continues Thursday on HBO Max.

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