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Andor Season 2 Could Release Faster With One Tweak Says Creator

Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy says there’s one way the series could return sooner than anticipated, but it hinges on a post-production change.

Andor creator Tony Gilroy says the show could return sooner than previously anticipated, provided it receives the right post-production funding. A prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor season 1 has focused on the early days of Cassian Andor in his pre-Rebellion days. While Cassian has been the main focus of the series, Andor has also delved into the lives of other major Rebellion players, including future Rebel leader Mon Mothma and resistance fighter Saw Gerrera. The show has been a universal critical success, with Andor receiving an early renewal long before its Disney+ debut.


Although the Andor season 1 finale is still yet to air, Gilroy has already begun discussing his plans for the show’s future. During an interview with Collider, Gilroy says the scheduling of season 2 will likely be in line with the show’s first run, with Andor expected to return to screens in two years. However, he could envision a scenario where it returns sooner, but it would require a major change. Gilroy shares:

“If past is predicate, and we do the same thing we did before, it’ll be on the same schedule. It will come out two years later. The only place you can accelerate the processes is in post, and the only way you can accelerate in post is with money, and money is tight. So, I don’t really know, there would have to be some serious motivation next May or June or something. Someone would have to say, “Wow, we really need this, and we’re willing to pay X.” Rogue One proved, if you throw money at it, you can do post really, really fast. It’s just very, very, very expensive.”

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What To Expect From Andor Season 2

Cassian Andor with Hands on Head in Andor Episode 9

Although Andor season 1 has nudged Cassian to join the Rebellion, the show’s upcoming finale looks to be the catalyst that will send him on the way to fully signing up for the cause. With Cassian spending much of the latter half of season 1 locked in the terrifying Narkina 5 prison, he’s finally begun to realize that he can’t stand on the sidelines under the Empire’s rule. With Gilroy already hinting that Andor season 2 will expand on Cassian’s character, and with the show gravitating toward the events that transpire in Rogue One, Cassian will no doubt spend much of season 2 as the Rebellion’s accomplished agent.

However, it appears viewers have a long time to wait to see how Andor‘s story plays out, especially if Gilroy’s two-year timeline is anything to go by. Gilroy’s comments about post-production funding are interesting, especially given the sheer size of the Disney estate, and it’s strange to think that money would play such a major factor in getting a series out sooner if Disney so wished. Regardless, with The Mandalorian season 3 and the live-action Ahsoka series heading to screens in 2023, it makes sense for Star Wars to spread out its shows, even if it means a painful two-year wait for more Andor.

With Andor audience levels starting to fall more in line with the rest of the live-action Star Wars shows, it appears fans are finally beginning to appreciate one of the franchise’s riskier endeavors. While Andor has tonally been more mature than many other Star Wars ventures, it’s arguably been the breath of fresh air that the franchise has been longing for. With Andor season 1 wrapping up with its finale this week, viewers don’t have long to wait to see how the show will handle Cassian’s first steps into the Rebellion.

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Source: Collider

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