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Joker’s Origin Permanently Changed How Gotham Sees Batman

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman: One Bad Day: Mister Freeze!It looks as though the Joker might have gotten the last laugh when it comes to how the people of Gotham see Batman. In Batman: One Bad Day: Mister Freeze, one Gothamite passes along an interesting rumor regarding the Dark Knight and his involvement in Joker’s origin.

In order to be taken seriously as a crime-fighter by the superstitious and cowardly element of Gotham, Bruce Wayne made a concentrated effort on being seen as a symbol of terror. He needed criminals to fear him, so he adopted the guise of a bat to strike fear into their hearts. Batman successfully developed a reputation as a mysterious adventurer of the night, even bordering on being an urban legend. While crime hasn’t been driven out of Gotham, rumors about the Bat and his ruthless methods persist. Bruce has effectively become a modern myth in Gotham, with stories of his escapades passing from person to person.


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But all those stories seem to be getting a few things mixed up, and it’s putting Batman in a pretty negative light. In Batman: One Bad Day: Mr. Freeze by Gerry Dugan and Matteo Scalera, Victor Fries is on yet another mission to save his dying wife, Nora Fries. Knowing that his old enemy is planning something, Batman begins a hunt for Mr. Freeze as the icy villain attempts to rob an armored truck. Freeze and his new partner, Frostbite, successfully knock the truck off-course, and threaten the lives of the two men driving the truck. Fortunately, Batman and Robin arrive on the scene to stop Victor’s plans. One of the men rejoices, knowing that they’re safe with Batman around. His partner, however, is less ebullient as he heard that Batman once dropped a man into a vat of chemicals.

How Joker May Have Ruined Batman’s Reputation

Batman Joker Rumor DC Comics

The man is, of course, referring to the original Red Hood, a criminal that fell into a tank of acid. That story that was retold as a possible origin for the Joker in The Killing Joke, even though Joker himself admits it may not be true. Regardless, Gotham’s citizens seem to be aware of a version of the Red Hood accident at Ace Chemicals, even if the details are fuzzy. This could imply that there may be some rumors on the street that Batman created Gotham City’s worst villain.

If there’s one thing everyone knows about the Joker, it’s that he’s the type to run his mouth about everything. Whether Joker is discussing his origins, his plans, or just his fondness for Batman, the Clown Prince just loves to talk. It’s possible that in all his hostage situations and crime sprees he’s discussed his own past with a chemical bath. All it takes is a few churns through the rumor mill, and suddenly the word on the street is that Batman created the Joker. Sure, Batman wants people to fear him, but a rumor like that could turn the public on him for good. Fans can see how Joker has twisted Bruce’s reputation in Batman: One Bad Day: Mr. Freeze, on sale now.

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