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Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Suspected Tammy Slaton Was Getting Married

1000-lb Sisters has always celebrated Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton’s milestones, big or small, and some fans saw Tammy’s recent wedding coming. From Amy getting approved for her weight loss surgery at the end of season 1, to Tammy’s recent wedding, the sisters and their growing family have had some memorable highs and lows. As season 4’s premiere is on the horizon, fans are starting to learn about what Tammy and Amy were doing during the hiatus. While Amy has been taking care of her infant son, Gage Halterman, and her older child, Glenn Halterman, Tammy hit a milestone by tying the knot.


As fans eagerly await the January 17 premiere of 1000-lb Sisters, many are interested in learning more about Tammy’s new husband, Caleb Willingham. While little is known about the man himself, other than the fact that he is also a resident of the rehabilitation center that Tammy has been in for nearly a year, fans were able to see Caleb’s proposal in photos. Many hope that the fact that there are pictures means that the proposal will be shown in season 4. Before Caleb and Tammy became a married couple, some fans thought that they’d end up committing to each other for life, and they were right, as per People. Before the wedding, fans were predicting, with the help of a YouTube News channel, TelevisionTFL, that Tammy would marry on November 19, 2022. Those predictions were correct.

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Tammy Slaton Is A Married Woman

While discussing a possible wedding, fans agreed that Tammy, who’s had problematic relationships in the past, would probably want to move quickly. Reddit user Julissaherna692 commented on the engagement news, saying, “I hope they reach their weight goals so they can have a long happy life together. Congratulations to them.” Details about the wedding have been revealed, and fans can tell that Tammy is happier in her recent social media posts. They also noticed that she seemed to have been losing weight, as they felt that her face looked thinner in her newer posts.

Now 36, Tammy was searching for a long-term partner for many years. In light of the health issues she faces, she was likely very aware of how precious time is. Unlike her sister Amy, who is now mother to two sons, Tammy has lived without a family of her own for her whole adult life. After a medical emergency in late 2021, Tammy had a trach tube inserted to help her to breathe properly. She has spent the entirety of 2022 in a rehabilitation facility, where she met Caleb, who is now the 1000-lb Sisters celeb’s hubby.

With excitement looming for both 1000-lb Sisters sisters, fans are hopeful that their special moments will be captured for season 4. While it is uncertain if the wedding was filmed, many fans believe that it will be shown in the upcoming season. Tammy, whom fans hope is finally taking some accountability, like Amy already has, will surely need her family by her side as embraces married life.

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