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A Surprise Avenger Just Proved He’s The Most Powerful In Existence

One of Marvel’s Avengers just proved that they’re the most powerful heroes ever after going up against one of the biggest threats to the Multiverse.

Spoilers for Avengers Forever #11 by Marvel ComicsRobbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider just proved he’s the most powerful Avenger in existence, as the hero’s battle with the Multiversal Masters of Evil puts him in a league of his own. In Avengers Forever #11 from Marvel Comics, the All Rider unleashes his full power as he nearly singlehandedly takes down the group of villains who have ravaged the Multiverse. In the process, Ghost Rider shows just how powerful they are.


Marvel Comics has been building up a battle for the Multiverse, as Robbie Reyes and Tony Stark’s Ant-Man have journeyed to different timelines to recruit heroes to help them defeat the Multiversal Masters of Evil. Ghost Rider has been built as the answer to defeating the universe-destroying threats, as he recently took on the mantle of All Rider, as the hero is entirely unique to the Multiverse. Now, the All Rider is putting his powers to use as he takes on the Multiversal Masters of Evil all by himself – and holds his own, proving he’s the strongest Avenger ever.

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In Avengers Forever #11 by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, Frank Martin, and VC’s Cory Petit, Robbie Reyes is alerted that another Spirit of Vengeance has been murdered by the Multiversal Masters of Evil, leading Ghost Rider to lose control in his All Rider form. The hero meets the Multiversal Masters of Evil face-to-face, immediately attacking the group of villains who have caused the deaths of billions across the Multiverse. After splitting Black Skull from his symbiote and using the tendrils to rip King Killmonger’s armor apart, hitting Kid Thanos with his Hellrider, and burning the Ghost Goblin, the All Rider takes on Doom Supreme.

The All-Rider Is The Most Powerful Avenger Ever

All-Rider Powers Doom Avengers

The All Rider is about to sacrifice himself and kill Doom Supreme by unleashing his full powers, but before he can do so, Deathlok and Ant-Man intervene. While All Rider never got to show off his max power level by making the Multiversal Masters of Evil look weak and nearly killing Doom Supreme, the former Ghost Rider confirms that he’s the most powerful Avenger in existence. The Multiversal Masters of Evil have destroyed almost every kind of hero and power across many worlds. So the fact a single hero nearly killed them all is a remarkable feat.

Ultimately, Robbie Reyes lives to see another day, as Deathlok sacrifices himself to keep the All Rider alive. However, if his fellow heroes didn’t stop him, the former Ghost Rider could have taken out the Multiversal Masters of Evil all by himself, which would be the most incredible feat of powers an Avenger from any Multiverse has ever accomplished. Avengers Forever #11 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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