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10 Best & Funniest Twitter Reactions To The Show

The long-awaited Tim Burton series Wednesday has just been made available on Netflix, and fans are already talking about when season 2 will arrive. The series is everything fans could want from a Burton-directed Addams Family show, and it’s even being called an eight-hour Tim Burton movie.

It’s another win for Netflix, and the series has gotten an overwhelmingly positive reception from Twitter. Fans have already binge-watched the whole show after just being released a few hours ago, and between commenting on everything from Wednesday’s relationship with Enid, her incredible one-liners, and even the character’s posture, Twitter users have some hilarious responses.


Wednesday And Enid’s Friendship

Though most of the characters in Wednesday are based on ones from the Addams Family franchise, Enid is an original character created for the Netflix series, and she has instantly become a fan favorite. Enid is Wednesday’s roommate at Nevermore Academy, and the two characters couldn’t be more different.

Enid is a ray of light compared to Wednesday’s doom and gloom, and though they don’t totally get along at first, they form a touching bond by the time the season and semester come to an end. They’re a hilarious duo, and they have each other’s backs, and their friendship is the reason alone why fans want to see a season 2 get greenlit.

Wednesday’s Posture

Regardless of the quality of each Addams Family release, they have all done an incredible job of depicting Wednesday all the way down to her posture, whether live-action or animated. This tweet hilariously groups together several different portrayals of the stoic ponytailed child, and they all have one thing in common – an arched back.

The way Wednesday always slouches is a masterclass in body language in film and TV, and it says so much about the character without her ever opening her mouth. It’s yet another part of Wednesday that Ortega has nailed, and it’s why she has unsurprisingly become many viewers’ favorite Wednesday. But given The Addams Family was also iconic and Christina Ricci’s best movie, some Ricci fans could make a good argument.

Ortega Is Instantly Iconic

Seven actors have played Wednesday over the decades since the 1960s’ The Addams Family, and each one of them is memorable for many different reasons. But this Tweet points out how Jenna Ortega’s performance of the character has become instantly iconic. The actor added more layers to the character than any other portrayal of her, as the emotional teenager attending boarding school gives the character way more of an arc than ever before.

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In fairness, Ortega has way more time in the role than most other actors, as the Netflix series is eight hours, and while other members of the macabre family appear, the show is solely about her. Nevertheless, Ortega perfected all of Wednesday’s mannerisms, whether it’s the downward stare, the eyebrow raises, or even the bad posture, and she totally made the role her own.

Fans Have Already Binged The Whole Season

Fans finished the season as quickly as they could as soon as it was available to stream on Netflix, and this screenshot of Wednesday awkwardly and silently sitting next to Principal Larissa Weems perfectly captures how viewers feel now. Fans are now sitting around waiting for a second season that might never even arrive.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that every episode became available at once, and that hardly gives audiences time to process the series before they move on to the next binge-able series. Releasing the second part of Stranger Things season 4 weeks after the first part proved to be a success, as did releasing the secret episode of The Sandman, and Netflix should have had a similar approach to Wednesday’s release.

The Color Scheme

The tweet brilliantly draws attention to the show’s cinematography, which comes as a nice surprise given that Wednesday is a Netflix production. While many have complained about “the Netflix look,” which is generally in regard to the overly saturated colors and the conventional shots, there’s no denying how beautiful the series looks.

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This shot is just one of many examples of the series’ incredible look, and it perfectly depicts Wednesday and Enid’s different personalities, too. Given that it’s directed by gothic auteur Tim Burton, who is known for movies like Edward Scissorhands and The Corpse Bride, fans wouldn’t expect anything less.

The Great One-Liners

There are so many great quotes in Tim Burton movies, and even the divisive Charlie and the Chocolate Factory features one of the best quotes when Willy Wonka states, “Even I’m Eatable. But That Is Called Cannibalism, My Dear Children.” And now, with the release of Wednesday, tons more can be added to the endless list of great Burton quotes.

This tweet points out one of the smartest one-liners in the series, as Wednesday tells Enid, “If you break his heart, I’ll nail gun his.” It’s classic Wednesday Addams, as she uses a threat of violence to emphasize her feelings, and Ortega delivers it in an equally sinister and heartfelt way.

The Beetlejuice Parallels

Burton also directed the iconic Halloween comedy Beetlejuice in 1988, and the bio-exorcist’s black and white striped suit has since become iconic. This tweet points out a suspiciously similar dress worn by Ortega that must be more than just a coincidence.

Though fans want to see Beetlejuice 2, which has seemingly been in development hell for decades, seeing callbacks in a just-as-gothic Addams Family series is the next best thing. Given that Burton is so obsessed with the gothic aesthetic and black-and-white spiral patterns (which have been peppered throughout most of his best movies), there are probably more hidden references in the new series, but fans are yet to find them.

The Clever Marketing

So many movies have had great marketing, with the most recent being the horror movie Smile, as paid actors appeared at sporting events pulling the now iconic creepy grin. And now, Netflix has begun to think outside of the box with its marketing strategies, too.

This Twitter user has taken a photo of an airport security tray, which the Netflix marketing team has ingeniously taken advantage of. Along with an image of Wednesday Addams is a quote from Wednesday, which states, “No sharp objects, what a shame,” which both refers to the fact that Wednesday has extremely violent tendencies and the obvious airport security protocols.

Xena: The Warrior Princess Vibes

When seeing Wednesday and Enid’s chemistry in the new Netflix series, this Twitter user couldn’t help but think of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship in Xena: The Warrior Princess. Xena and Gabrielle had one of the most interesting relationships on TV, and they were complete friendship goals.

In many ways, Wednesday and Enid are their spiritual successors, especially if the show becomes more fantastical. Hopefully, season 2 will be even more like Xena: The Warrior Princess and see them working together with Enid using more of her supernatural abilities, including “wolfing out,” and Wednesday leaning more into her violent side.

This Crossover NEEDS To Happen

This tweet hints at Wednesday crossing over with another Netflix show. The series in question is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was unfortunately canceled after the fourth season in 2022. While Sabrina has its critics, the show was an entertaining supernatural horror series that heavily featured teen drama, which sounds a lot like the new Addams Family series.

However, it could always return and be the start of a shared Netflix universe, as the Twitter user suggests. But given that they’re both grumpy and gothic teenagers, they might not be different enough for it to be entertaining. What makes Enid such a great sidekick to Wednesday is that she’s completely different, not the same.

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