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Jake Gyllenhaal Forgot Dennis Quaid Played His Dad In A Movie Before

Jake Gyllenhaal seemingly forgot that Dennis Quaid played his dad in a movie in The Day After Tomorrow before they worked together for Strange World.

Strange World star Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have forgotten that Dennis Quaid played his father before. The two star in Disney’s new animated movie in father and son roles as part of the legendary Clades family. Strange World sees Gyllenhaal’s Searcher Clade and Quaid’s Jaeger Clade work together to save their planet. This is not the first time Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid played family members. The two also played father and son in Roland Emmerich’s 2004 disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow.


In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Jake Gyllenhaal either puts his acting chops on full display or genuinely forgot that he and his fellow Strange World cast member Dennis Quaid have costarred as father and son before after the interviewer pointed out the connection. In the video, as Gyllenhaal proceeds to be convincingly mind-blown, Quaid says this interview is the first time they’ve been in the same room together while making Strange World. See Gyllenhaal’s hilarious revelation below:

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How Strange World Might’ve Contributed To Gyllenhaal’s Confusion

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If he genuinely forgot, Gyllenhaal shouldn’t put himself down, as their voice work in Strange World probably didn’t see the two actors in the same room. Voice work in animated films commonly has actors working with studio staff alone, separate from their costars. If they worked remotely, this could explain how he did not realize that they’d worked together before this interview. The two also did not have a lot of screen time together in Roland Emmerich’s movie. Most of their scenes in the film took place separately, on the phone, as that story saw Quaid’s character embark on a rescue mission to reach his trapped son in New York.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Dennis Quaid’s Upcoming Projects


Jake Gyllenhaal’s upcoming films include a Guy Ritchie action-thriller, The Interpreter. He’s also starring in a remake of the classic Road House, which originally starred the late Patrick Swayze; filming for that started in August and is expected to release sometime in 2023. Another exciting project Gyllenhaal has to look forward to is the adaptation of the post-pandemic video game The Division, which also stars Jessica Chastain.

Dennis Quaid has two projects with director Sean McNamara coming up after Strange World‘s release. The first is a drama, On a Wing and a Prayer, and the second is Reagan, a biopic that sees Quaid playing the titular Ronald Reagan. None of Gyllenhaal or Quaid’s upcoming projects reunite them as onscreen father and son. However, it’d be nice to see Gyllenhaal or Quaid get together sometime offscreen — like the iconic movie duo Tom Hanks and Tim Allen — to ensure that their father and son relationships onscreen haven’t been forgotten in vain. This will also make a reunion in any Strange World sequel more intimate.

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Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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