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PUBG New State Mobile November update brings all new Shooting Gallery

While Battlegrounds Mobile India remains to be banned in India, PUBG New State Mobile is now receiving the November update that brings an all-new Shooting Gallery where players can practice their shooting skills. Since PUBG New State Mobile is accessible in India, players can update the game to receive the November update, which also brings several additional features.

Available on both Android and iOS, the PUBG New State Mobile November update lets players respawn into a match if eliminated within the second phase of the Blue Zone without a teammate’s request. This gives players a better chance of winning the match.

Here is everything that the new November update of PUBG New State Mobile brings:

Changes in battle royale “initial phase” rules

After the update, a player when eliminated within the second phase of the Blue Zone during a battle royale match can return to the match one time without needing a teammate to fire a Greene Flare Gun. The new feature is available in both solo and squad modes. While reentering a match, the player ride back into the map on a taxi drone along with access to all the same equipment they would have if they were respawned by a teammate.

Shooting Gallery mode

The new November update of PUBG New State Mobile brings a Shooting Gallery to the Training Mode, allowing players to practice their shooting skills. Players also earn high scores and climb the leaderboard. In the Shooting Gallery, players can select their favourite weapon to practice in three one-minute rounds. During each round, players are supposed to destroy different targets. Stringing together combos earn players additional points if they destroy targets quickly. After the end of this season, players will receive rewards based on their ranking in the Shooting Gallery mode.

The new SL8 DMR

Krafton has introduced a new SL8 DMR weapon with the November update. This is a stable weapon that uses 5.56mm ammunition to deal strong damage. The SL8 DMR can be equipped with attachments to the barrel, scope, magazine and stock. Players can also customise the SL8 DMR with a suppressor barrel for a stealthier approach during combat as it increases damage output and noise suppression at the cost of decreased recoil control and reduced muzzle slot availability.

New Survivor Pass Vol. 13

The Survivor Pass Vol. 13 has GLC’s Carrie Mcgrath as the featured character. Players who complete the pass’ story missions can earn her face appearance for free. Upgrading to the Premium Pass also provides players with Carrie Mcgrath’s full costume set. Players can earn more awards as they move up levels in the Survivor Pass. Premium Pass holders also get New State Credits (NC) refunded when they reach a certain pass level.

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