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The 15 Most Powerful Asgardian Gods In Marvel Comics

Thor: Love and Thunder introduces Zeus, the most powerful Olympian god. Different pantheons also appear in the thrilling Omnipotence City sequence. The sequence mostly focuses on new pantheons, but the most powerful Asgardian gods from Marvel Comics could still make their way into the MCU in future installments.

The strongest Asgardians remain in the comics. They include Bor, Odin’s father and an unexpected enemy of Thor in modern storylines. Thor’s long-lost sister Angela ruled as the Queen of Hel, and with her strong comic connections to the Guardians of the Galaxy, she could appear in future movies or streaming series as well.

Updated on November 28th, 2022, by Darby Harn:

As the MCU continues to expand into movies and series, the opportunity for more Asgardian gods to appear increases. With Hercules seeking out Thor for his attack on Zeus, Thor may need some help going forward. That puts many powerful Asgardian gods into play, including some that MCU fans might have thought were off the board. Thor: Love and Thunder ended with a welcome reprise by Heimdall in Valhalla, at least opening the door to a more substantial return in the future. That could come as The Multiverse Saga unfolds through Phases 5 and 6. Comic book fans know Kang The Conqueror seeks to rule all time, and that may lead him into conflict with the god-like Asgardians.


15/15 Agnar King Of The Eagles

Agnar King of the Eagles comes to a landing in Marvel Comics.

Agnar, King of the Eagles, rules the skies in Asgard. He first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #100 in 1964, demonstrating his ability to ferry powerful Marvel Universe gods across the realms. His enormous size grants him supernatural speed, as well as strength and endurance beyond any real human understanding.

Agnar possesses the Allspeak, the ability to speak in any language in the Nine Realms and even beyond. With this power, he communicates easily with the Asgardian gods.

14/15 Balder The Brave

Balder the Brave in battle in Marvel Comics.

Balder The Brave, Thor and Loki’s brother, shares numerous powerful attributes with them. His Asgardian physiology provides him superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. He serves as the Asgardian God of Light. This allows him to generate light so bright and hot as to blind and burn others, including the Frost Giants.

He generates energy blasts and shields that further protect him in battle. As Frigga’s son, he wields some magic, but it is far more limited than Loki’s.

13/15 Heimdall

Heimdall knighted by Odin in Marvel Comics.

The Guardian of the Bifrost and Sentry of Asgard distinguished himself from his fellow Asgardians in his terrific senses. Heimdall sees beyond Asgard’s limits and even beyond existence itself, seeing into different realities, timelines, and dimensions.

As the Sentry of Asgard, he ranks with the greatest combatants in the Nine Realms. He possesses elite skill in various hand-to-hand combat forms as well as different weapons, particularly swords.

12/15 Angela

Angela attacks in Marvel Comics.

Aldrif Odinsdottir, better known as Angela in Marvel Comics, made her power known when she escaped the afterlife. Her Asgardian strength puts her on par with Thor, and she demonstrated she can match him in virtually every physical skill.

Her angelic armor, forged in Heaven, protects her from virtually every attack, conventional or otherwise. Angela proved her godhood when she ruled Hel. She defeated vast armies of the dead to do so and then commanded them as the Queen of Hel.

11/15 Frigga

Frigga holds a giant sword in Marvel Comics.

Frigga, also known as Freyja Freyrdottir in the comics, descends from the most powerful Asgardian witches. Her skill in sorcery permits her to travel between dimensions without the Bifrost or other conveyances Asgardians would have to rely on. Her knowledge and ability place her among the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe.

Frigga also possesses the same superhuman strength, speed, and endurance as her people. This, along with her vast knowledge of various weapons and fighting styles.

10/15 The Enchantress

Enchantress sitting on a throne in Marvel Comics.

The Enchantress embodies her name in every way. She proved her power in sorcery against Thor in their very first encounter, among the best Thor comics for new readers, able to confuse him and even control him to some extent. Her magical abilities go far beyond mere enchantment, though.

She uses magic to alter reality, supplement her power, as well as drain other beings’ life force. The Enchantress possesses a vast and perhaps unparalleled knowledge of Asgardian lore and magic. She utilizes her intelligence with cruel cunning against her enemies.

9/15 Loki

Lorelei rests her arms on Loki's shoulder in Marvel Comics.

The God of Mischief title almost doesn’t do Loki justice. Loki stands alongside the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe, able to alter reality and generate complex spells. His mystical talents merited him a stint as a powerful Sorcerer Supreme variant.

Loki’s magical mastery allows him to shapeshift and disguise his true appearance. He also inherited the Frost Giants’ superhuman strength, endurance, and agility, and can supplement his strength through magical means.

8/15 Bor

Thor fighting Bor on the cover of Thor #600.

Bor ruled Asgard in the ancient past and fathered Odin. His strength and power seem to approach the Odinforce, making him cosmically powerful. Despite his unparalleled mastery of countless weapons and fighting styles, he only needs a thought to destroy entire worlds.

Bor proved to have limits, though. A resurrected Bor lost a titanic battle against Thor when his grandson used the Odinforce. Bor remained a major threat, though, as his valor and power made him worthy to lift Mjölnir.

7/15 Buri

Thor wrestles Buri in Marvel Comics.

Buri, Odin’s grandfather, also proved worthy to lift Mjölnir. He possessed truly god-like power, with strength equal to Thor’s as he showed in Thor #355, among the best Thor comic book issues from the 1980s. Immortal, Buri inherited his incredible powers and abilities from the Aesir, the Asgardian progenitors.

Buri also commands magic to a great degree. His powers typically focus on increasing or decreasing his size or others, shrinking powerful figures like Volstagg down to microscopic size.

6/15 Jane Foster Thor

Jane Foster Thor uses her powers in Marvel Comics.

If someone proves worthy to lift Mjölnir, they became Thor, the God of Thunder. As Thor, Jane Foster claimed Thor’s Asgardian strength and stamina, putting her on par with heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe like the Hulk and Hercules. She also commands the elements with Mjölnir to some extent.

When Jane Foster became an Asgardian god, she became a great alternate Thor in the comics. She can fly as well as travel between dimensions and realities via the Bifrost. Most conventional attacks fall flat against Thor, as well as some mystical ones.

5/15 Thor

Thor's eyes glow with lightning in Marvel Comics.

As the God of Thunder, Thor Odinson commands truly cosmic power. His worthiness to wield Mjölnir grants him the power to generate massive energy bursts, force fields, and even damage powerful cosmic and mystical beings.

Thor also occasionally taps into the Odinforce, his father’s cosmic power. This provides him access to cosmic and magical energies far beyond his normal limits, allowing him to achieve incredible feats like repairing a damaged Mjölnir. This could play out in the upcoming movie.

4/15 Storm (Earth-904)

Storm becomes Thor in Marvel Comics.

Storm stands with the most powerful X-Men in Marvel Comics, but in the multiverse, she became a god. The Earth-904 Storm wields a mystical hammer, Stormbringer, which grants her divine powers similar to Mjölnir. Her capacity to manipulate the weather amplifies on a cosmic scale with this hammer.

She became the Goddess of Thunder with the hammer, able to teleport across dimensions, crack Celestial armor, and fly faster than the speed of light.

3/15 Hela

Hela walks through ruins in Marvel Comics.

Hela reigns as the Goddess of Death in the Asgardian pantheon, and her command over the dead reaches beyond mortals. She also wields the power to resurrect the Asgardian dead as well as control them, giving her a god-like army for her to exploit.

Hela also can kill with a single touch, even superhuman Asgardians. She commands magic as well as she does the dead, and her skill in sorcery easily places her with the most powerful Asgardian gods.

2/15 All-Mother Of Asgardia

All-Mother Of Asgardia assembles in Marvel Comics.

The All-Mother of Asgardia represents a triumvirate of three powerful Asgardian gods. Frigga brings her considerable mystical power to the collective. Gaea, an Elder God, and brother to Chthon, the evil entity responsible for Chaos Magic in the Marvel Universe, possesses nearly limitless power over the earth.

Idunn, the Goddess of Immortality, grants everlasting life to others with the Golden Apples only she can pick. She also counts among the most accomplished Asgardian fighters in the comics.

1/15 Odin

Thanos fights Odin in Marvel Comics.

Odin possesses near-omnipotent knowledge and power, able to perceive the future and all potential outcomes. He also wields incredible mastery over magic, he’s able to alter reality on a cosmic scale closer to figures like the Celestials, which are perhaps the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe.

The Allfather also commands the Odinforce, unimaginable cosmic energy that he’s unleashed against the Eternals and Thanos. Even with his vaunted strength and cunning, Thanos proved no match for Odin.

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