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God of War: Ragnarök: How to Beat Odin

Players may find it difficult to beat Odin in God of War: Ragnarök as he’s the final boss with a plethora of attacks. Here’s how players can beat him.

In God of War: Ragnarok, Odin is the final boss, and he can be a tough opponent, so players may wonder how to beat him. Odin is a strong, terrifying god that has a number of tactics and assaults that players should be aware of as they get ready to confront the danger facing all Nine Realms. In addition, he has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted by betraying and lying to everyone he can in an effort to gain information. Even though it can seem quite daunting, there are strategies to win this prolonged conflict with Odin in God of War: Ragnarok.


[Warning: This article contains story spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.]

This game’s main foe is aware of Kratos’ schemes, approaches, and intended actions. This is because he spent the whole game spying on Kratos and his comrades while assuming the identity of Tyr. He killed Thor, used everyone for his own purposes, and killed Brok. Unlike his son Thor, Odin is not a melee warrior. The majority of the battle will be spent dodging Odin’s powerful assaults and carefully waiting for an appropriate opening. Odin exposes himself to the greatest risk when he chooses to face Kratos up close in GoW: Ragnarok.

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God Of War: Ragnarök – Odin Boss Fight Tips & Strategies

Image of Atreus holding Odin's body as his soul floats in front of them.

Early in the combat, the main objective is to avoid Odin’s fairly typical Bifrost blasts. Then, players must parry his strikes when he tries to approach for melee hits with his staff. The timing isn’t too tricky here, as a successful parry will open Odin for a full combination. The second phase of the battle will soon start when Odin divides the arena into three sections. If players get hit by the explosion caused by Odin coating one or two of these sections in Bifrost, they will suffer severe damage. As a result, they must pay attention when Odin moves to the center of the battlefield. Odin generally flies right to the player for more heavy melee attacks in GoW: Ragnarok.

In the third phase, Odin has a greater variety of strikes, many of which are suitably lethal. Odin may now conjure clouds of ravens that fly directly to the player. Blocking is no longer possible, therefore, players will need to parry to get through unscathed. Large fireballs that loom menacingly above Odin’s head represent a further ranged onslaught. His close-range melee strikes are much improved. Odin’s staff now has characteristics of a whip, increasing its range and damaging capabilities. Players can carefully parry, evade, or stop the majority of these assaults by Odin. The axe or Atreus’ arrows are best possible weapons in GoW: Ragnarok for blocking the fireballs, though.

Odin will move into the last phase if he has lost enough health. Hecano creates elemental shields this time. The axe can quickly destroy a fire shield, and blades are helpful against an ice shield. The spear works well when it’s a regular shield. While far away, Odin also releases a torrent of his elemental abilities while standing still. Players must block this to avoid taking burn damage that lasts forever. Additionally, he can launch elemental area-of-effect assaults, which are dodged by leaping clear of target areas or their remains. Using a mix of these strategies and careful observation, players can ensure their victory over God of War: Ragnarok’s final boss.

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    Ragnarok has arrived in God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the 2018 game of the year released on PlayStation 4. Three years have passed since Kratos and his son, Atreus completed their quest across the realms while facing off with a small handful of Norse gods. However, their actions come with consequences. The Allfather, Odin, is ready for vengeance, and his son, Thor, is leading the charge. Atreus, looking to find more answers to the questions of his lineage bestowed to him by his mother, embarks on another quest with his father to discover the truth while contending with the wrath of Odin’s realm. New friends and allies will help them on their journey, but some allies turned foes will seek to end them before Fimbulwinter comes to a close. God of War Ragnarok will conclude the Norse saga of God of War and launch on November 9 2022.

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