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10 Funniest Tweets and Memes

It’s that time of the year again when civilians stress over buying Christmas gifts, curating their list of best movies of the year, and sharing their Spotify Wrapped to their newsfeed. The event, which has now become an annual tradition, has just been made available to Spotify subscribers, which tells them their most played songs, how many minutes of music they’ve listened to, and a million other things.

But more than anything, the event has led to tons of hilarious memes that perfectly sum up the fun but strange tradition. Between being turned into a competition, Apple Music users watching from the sidelines, and Taylor Swift dominating, these memes are just as true as they are funny.


Exposed Every Year

The meme points out the sad truth about Spotify Wrapped and that a user’s top 5 most played songs say more about them than anything else possibly could. It’s like looking into the subscriber’s soul, and they should probably seriously think about it before posting it onto their Instagram story.

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Whether it’s John Williams’ “Superman Theme” or Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence,” a user’s top song does hint and maybe reflect their mental state. And the meme notes that laying out one’s mental state for all the world to see in the form of a Spotify Wrapped screenshot has become an annual tradition.

The Minutes Contest

It has seemingly become a competition to rack up as many listening minutes on Spotify as possible, and many users have reached hundreds of thousands of minutes. And this meme perfectly represents that in the form of American Psycho, one of the funniest non-comedy movies, lifting screenshots of when Patrick Bateman gets jealous of his colleagues’ business cards.

Patrick is quite the music enthusiast himself. When he’s not listening to music on his hi-fi system, he’s wearing his headphones and listening to his Walkman. So the meme not only refers to how much of a competition Spotify has become over the years, but it brilliantly sums up the psychotic character too. And there’s no doubt that Huey Lewis and the News is his most played artist.

It Has Become A Bigger Event Than The Grammys

The Grammys is all about glitz and glamor, and it’s one of the biggest television events of the year, only behind the Oscars and the Superbowl. It’s full of amazing performances of the most popular songs of each year, and there are so many celebrated Grammy-winning artists, but when it comes to music events, it’s shockingly taken a backseat to Spotify Wrapped.

There’s no doubt that the Spotify Event is certainly more talked about on social media than the Grammys at this point, and that’s been the case for the past few years. And while the Grammy’s might be on TV in the background, Spotify Wrapped is the sole focus in most people’s lives for days.

It Gets More Specific Every Year

When it comes to music genres and sub-genres, Spotify Wrapped has always broken them down in a detailed way. But this year, it’s more specific than ever, and this meme hilariously changes the music selections to references to something as menial as struggling to find parking spaces.

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However, while last year’s Spotify Wrapped was full of affirmations, which praised the user’s music taste and even the user’s life choices, those affirmations are lacking this year. Spotify might have dropped those affirmations because they ended up becoming memed to death too, but people don’t know what they had until it’s gone, as those affirmations are strangely missed.

Apple Music Users Don’t Get To Join In

Just like last year’s Spotify Wrapped event, people who subscribe to other music streaming services have to watch all the fun from the sidelines. Whether it’s Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, or any other service, none of them have any major alternative to the massively talked about event.

Surprisingly, Apple Music and other streaming services haven’t decided to create a similar kind of annual event to wrap up the year, as it gets so many people talking. And people who suffer from fear of missing out would undoubtedly switch from Apple Music to Spotify for Spotify Wrapped alone.

It’s Gotten Weirder, Much Weirder

While the affirmations might be gone Spotify has more than made up for it in made-up vibes. This year’s Spotify Wrapped has fed users with weird descriptions of how they embraced their mornings, afternoons, and nighttimes, and it might be even weirder than last year’s affirmations.

Though “Victorian Suspense Vampire” could easily be mistaken as being made up by the meme creator, it’s a genuine description that Spotify provided to subscribers. Whether it’s “Minimalist Ominous Chill” or “Escapism Tranquil Patient” Spotify has gotten extremely creative this year, even if it is a little out there.

The Same Artists Every Year

In reality, once people reach a certain age, there isn’t all that much new music released that’s enough to drastically change their Spotify Wrapped each year. If people’s music tastes don’t change, it’ll be the same five bands that show up year after year, just a new range of songs, and this meme of a teacher wearing the same outfit day after day, just with a different colored shirt, is a perfect example of that.

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This is something that Spotify should work on in the following years, as interest in the event will drop if users are simply being fed the same information each year. But maybe the platform should change its algorithms so the same “random” songs don’t play every single time.

It’s Always That Same Artist That’s Number 1

This meme uses Taylor Swift’s music video to joke about her reign on Spotify, and it’s one that thousands can relate to. Taylor Swift is such a popular artist, has racked up billions of Spotify streams, and memes were made about her being in everyone’s Spotify Wrapped stories last year too.

Given that Swift releases an album as often as EA releases a new FIFA video game, and sometimes as often as Marvel Studios releases new movies, it’s hardly a surprise that she’s always so many fans’ most-played artist. This year saw the release of her new album Midnights, which was synth-driven pop and one of her most critically acclaimed releases yet, so it’s unlikely that her reign on Spotify will slow down anytime soon.

The Graphic Designs

This meme aims at last year’s hugely ridiculed Spotify Wrapped graphic design. The typefaces looked like the app had glitched, and some of the tags were even unreadable. It was going for some kind of kitschy aesthetic similar to Lady Gaga’s Artpop album cover, but users just didn’t take kindly to it.

Thankfully, the new graphic design is completely different from the one in 2021, but after having seen it, some might have preferred to have seen the old design back. The design for the new Wrapped is similarly kitschy, and so much more time is spent on admiring the simple designs than the information that’s being delivered. But users can at least read the information this time.

Not Everyone Is A Cynic

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who like seeing Spotify Wrapped posts, and those who despise them. With each consecutive year, more and more people tend to criticize others for posting their screenshots.

While Spotify Wrapped certainly frustratingly fills up newsfeeds, it’s still exciting seeing everyone’s different tastes. And this meme points out that not everyone is a cynic and that some people like seeing all of the posts. But then again, the pink M&M looks pretty sarcastic.

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