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SVU Trailer Sees Benson Tearfully Say Goodbye To Rollins

NBC releases a new trailer for the Law & Order: SVU season 24 fall finale, which features Benson tearfully saying goodbye to Amanda Rollins.

Olivia Benson tearfully says goodbye to Amanda Rollins in a new Law & Order: SVU season 24 fall finale trailer. During its milestone year, the longest-running scripted live-action TV show is bidding farewell to one of its most veteran cast members in Kelli Giddish. The actor has played Detective Amanda Rollins since Law & Order: SVU season 13, on the heels of Christopher Meloni’s departure as Elliot Stabler. Her exit has long been confirmed, although the specific reason for it remains unclear.


With only one episode left featuring Rollins as a series regular, NBC hypes it up with a special sneak peek of what to expect from the upcoming outing. Rollins’ final SVU episode, season 24 episode 9, is scheduled to air on Thursday, December 8 and will also serve as the fall finale this year. NBC released a collective trailer for the Law & Order franchise’s final outings in 2022. Rollins’ farewell Law & Order: SVU episode is titled “And A Trauma In A Pear Tree,” and will include an emotional exchange between her and team captain Benson, as seen in the promotional video. Watch it below:

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Can Kelli Giddish’s Rollins Still Return To SVU?

Detective Rollins looking stunned in Law & Order: SVU

​​​​​​​As previously revealed, Rollins will get married to Sonny Carisi in her final Law & Order: SVU episode. The pair’s relationship has gotten very serious after a slow start, and seeing them tie the knot will definitely be a cause for celebration, although it will still be bittersweet, since it means Rollins’ departure. At this point, it’s still unclear why exactly Rollins is departing the team – aside from the fact that she’s very good at her job, she also gets along with her co-workers. Perhaps, her traumatic near-death experience earlier in Law & Order: SVU season 24, in which she got shot while in the line of duty, has something to do with it. Regardless, at least NBC is giving her a happy send-off.

The good thing is, this won’t be the last time that the Law & Order franchise will see Giddish’s Rollins. It has been confirmed she will be back for a guest appearance on Law & Order: Organized Crime. It’s still uncertain what gets her involved in Stabler’s case, but there are people holding out hope that her cameo episode will also feature Benson, so they can team up for the final time. Given their emotional goodbye in the aforementioned trailer, it seems like Benson will have a difficult time coming to terms with Giddish leaving her team. Despite this, she still wishes her well on her new adventure, fully understanding that a change of scenery may be something that the detective truly needs.

While NBC and Wolf Entertainment continue to be mum about the real reason for Giddish’s sudden Law & Order: SVU departure, Mariska Hargitay has been vocal with her thoughts on it. She said that losing Giddish and Rollins on the series will have a big impact, and added that she will really miss having her around. It seems like both Hargitay and her character share the same thoughts on Giddish leaving the police procedural.

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Law & Order: SVU season 24 airs Thursdays on NBC

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