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The Boys Season 4 Casting Can Confirm A Major Hughie Theory

Rosemarie DeWitt has been cast as Hughie’s mother in The Boys season 4, which could mean that the series will soon confirm a major theory about the character. The Boys introduced Hughie as a kind and compassionate man who seemingly followed his father’s footsteps and avoids confrontation. His girlfriend’s murder, however, marked the inception of his transformation, and with what followed, he joined forces with the morally ambiguous Billy Butcher to go down a warpath against the killer, A-Train. Despite initially tipping off to the evil side, Hughie has managed to retain some of his father’s virtues and is still among the relatively righteous characters of The Boys.


However, the Amazon Prime superhero show is yet to explore the details of how his estranged mother influences his morally ambiguous actions. Toward the end of The Boys season 2, Hughie opened up about his mother and briefly talked about how she abandoned him. While this revelation added a lot of depth to his character, there seemed to be more to it than meets the eye. Now that Rosemarie DeWitt has been cast as his mother, the show will either reveal more about Hughie’s relationship with her through flashbacks or, as one popular theory suggests, she will turn out to be a supe herself.

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Hughie’s Mother Could Be A Supe In The Boys

The boys hughie covered in guts and blood

Although Hughie mentioned his mother a few times in the first three seasons of The Boys, he never really explained why she suddenly left him and his father. Her abrupt departure could mean that she was a supe and only abandoned her family because she wanted to keep her son away from the unforeseeable perils that come with great power. It is also possible that Vought International called her in, and given how they maliciously established control even over their strongest supes, she probably had no choice but to leave her family behind. Or, maybe she was among the few humans who were imprisoned and experimented on with Compound-V at The Boys‘ Sage Grove Center.

Since Hughie’s mother did not abandon him in the original comics, it seems likely that The Boys is going somewhere by reinstating her character in its future storylines. The Boys‘ history of shocking twists and turns throughout the first three seasons suggests there are endless possibilities as to where the show could go with this. However, Hughie’s mother being a supe sounds like a plausible theory, especially since Hughie seems to have a high tolerance to Temp-V’s side effects and is not as badly affected by it as Billy Butcher.

How Hughie’s Mom Being Alive Changes The Boys Season 4

The boys season 3 hughie main characters

The Boys season 3 had a recurring theme where it explored how a character’s moral decisions usually echo their upbringing. For instance, Homelander’s need for approval harkens to his lonely childhood days in Vought’s labs, while Billy Butcher’s lust for vengeance is a mere reflection of his inability to protect his younger brother. Similarly, MM, Frenchie, and Soldier Boy’s characterizations have also been tied down to their relationships with their family.

By adding Hughie’s mother to the mix, The Boys season 4 likely intends to do the same with his character development. If she turns out to be a supe working for Vought International, Hughie might have a change of heart about his mission of bringing down the superhero conglomerate. This, in turn, could negatively affect his romantic relationship with Annie, who quit Vought toward the end of The Boys season 3. Furthermore, if Hughie’s mother is somehow involved with Vought’s evil schemes, it could also lead to friction between him and Butcher in The Boys season 4.

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