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10 Personality Traits Dean Winchester Shares With Mary Winchester

Young Mary Campbell and John Winchester in The Winchesters have proven in the first few episodes of the new Supernatural prequel to be very similar to their sons. This aspect makes the prequel a nostalgic watch for fans of the original series.

However, fans don’t need to watch the new series to know that Sam and Dean are reflections of their parents in many ways. Though it’s common knowledge that Dean is similar to his father, he shares many personality traits with Mary as well.


10/10 Uncommunicative

Supernatural mary the winchesters

When Mary was first officially introduced back into the land of the living in Supernatural, it was a shock for both viewers and her sons. Sam and Dean were over the moon to finally get to know their mother, but she proved to be quite withdrawn and uncommunicative.

Dean is similar to his mother in this aspect. He is often unwilling to talk about things or divulge information if he doesn’t feel like he should or wants to. Both of them are often seen keeping things to themselves, mainly because of their lone-wolf persona and their belief they can handle things on their own.

9/10 Stubborn

Dean standing next to his car in The Winchesters

Dean and John Winchester have this personality trait as well as Mary. Even when Dean is clearly in the wrong, he is always determined to stick to his guns and do things his way. Both Mary and Dean are extremely stubborn people, often pushing people to do things their way or no way.

This is a personality trait Dean seems to have gotten from both of his parents. Mary, Dean, and John are all take-charge people that have trouble relenting control. Though Sam can be stubborn at times, he’s far more of a team player than any of the other Winchesters in his family.

8/10 Obsessed With Hunting

The Winchesters stars & Jensen Ackles custom image

Sam is also the only person in his family that isn’t completely obsessed with hunting. While Dean briefly tries to take a break from hunting after temporarily losing Sam, he often portrays his dedication to hunting things and saving people. One Supernatural quote that goes against Dean’s personality in this series is when he asks his dad why the burden of hunting had to be on him.

When Mary rejoins her family, she proves to be quite similar to her son when it comes to hunting. While she tries to be the mother they yearned for, she finds her life with the adult brothers too difficult and decides she’d rather be doing what she does best: hunting on the road, alone.

7/10 Passionate About Family

Dean and Sam looking surprised outside on Supernatural

The Winchesters are a close-knit bunch. While John and Sam are passionate about their family as well, they are also occasionally selfish about their decisions. Dean, on the other hand, is passionate about his family to a fault, even putting them before the safety of innocents and even risking the world to protect his brother.

Mary is also very passionate about her family. When she is brought from Heaven to Earth, she can’t cope because she was happy reliving her happy life with kid Dean and baby Sam. She’s so used to this idyllic vision of her perfect little family that she struggles to adapt to the harsh reality of the modern world.

6/10 Edgy

Mary Winchester smiling in Supernatural. 

Mary is quite an edgy character. She’s irritable around most people, except her sons most of the time, and is tense in social situations. Even the young version of herself in The Winchesters has proven to be quite edgy and is quick to lose her temper and push people around.

Dean is also an edgy character that has a sharp personality. While he has his quirky, light-hearted personality, which Mary rarely compliments, he’s a very serious person that is on edge when things don’t go his way.

5/10 Quirky Humor

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in The Winchesters

Dean has a dark sense of humor that never everyone can appreciate (especially his brother). Many of Dean’s best Supernatural quotes are relating to his quirky sense of humor, proving that at least the fans of this show find him funny.

While revived Mary is quite a serious character, she proves to have a similar sense of humor as her oldest son. This is seen in a few instances, such as when she gives Dean’s car, which was her husband’s car, a smile like she’s seeing an old friend for the first time.

4/10 Private

John and Mary Winchester embrace in Supernatural

Mary Winchester is a very private person, which has a lot to do with her tortured soul. She has a lot of skeletons in her closet and trauma that she doesn’t want to discuss with someone else. When being with her grown sons becomes too much for her, she chooses to be on her own instead of sharing her feelings with them.

Dean is similar to his mother when it comes to sharing his feelings. He has a tendency to keep his feelings bottled up until they come out in bursts of anger. While Mary doesn’t usually lash out in anger, they both share this difficulty to share with others.

3/10 Born Leaders

Dean Winchester covered in blood in Supernatural

There are some Dean-related plot holes in Supernatural, but that seems to have to do with the superhero quality of this Winchester. Throughout the years, Dean proves to be a natural-born leader that runs the show. When the brothers team up with other hunters during big fights, it’s often Dean the others look to for guidance.

Mary also has a take-charge personality. Though she’s often content to go at things alone, she also knows how to lead a group. She proves she has a powerful influence over others when she is in the alternate dimension with Jack and becomes a source of inspiration for the rebellious humans losing a war against angels.

2/10 Sacrificial

Mary Campbell in The Winchesters and Mary Winchester in Supernatural death

Mary and Dean seem to think they always need to be in the one on the front lines. When Azazel killed young John Winchester, Mary makes a deal with the demon to bring him back to life. She knew this would have dire consequences for her, but she chooses to risk her safety for her true love.

Dean is constantly sacrificing himself to save others. He proved this multiple times throughout the season, the first time being when he made a deal with a crossroad demon to go to Hell and save Sam’s life in turn. While this suggests they have a low opinion of themselves, it also makes these two the heroes of the story.

1/10 Haunted

Sam and Castiel try to cure Dean of being a demon in Superatural

All the Winchesters have their own demons they battle. However, Dean and Mary go through a considerable amount of trauma throughout their years. Dean dies multiple times, is cursed by the Mark of Cain, goes to Hell, and even becomes a demon at one point.

Similarly, Mary is haunted by the difficult life growing up as a hunter, having to cope with her sons having the same experience despite her wishes for them, is brutally murdered by Azazel, and has to endure being pulled out of her happy Heaven. These events (as well as others) haunt these Winchesters throughout their days, making them struggle daily with their trauma.

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