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The Best Archer Build (Weapons & Runes)

The Icy Arrow Archer Build gives players ice damage in Undecember. Here’s how players can increase their ranged attack damage with this build.

Archers are one of the playable classes in Undecember, a new RPG by Needs Games where players get to upgrade, build, and play characters however they want. Undecember‘s alluring feature allows game fans to play around with different combinations of abilities to help them form the best builds for their play style. Creating their most powerful version of a character can help players easily defeat anything that stands in their way.

Considering the component of elemental damage that can occur in addition to ranged attacks, the Icy Arrow Bow Build is the best option if players want to hone their bow and arrow skills. The Icy Arrow ability stacks well with other skills for players who want to increase the damage dealt with their ranged attacks. This ability allows players to hurl ice arrows while Frost Spheres form along the arrow’s path to inflict an additionally damaging explosion onto the enemy.


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The Best Weapons and Runes for Archers In Undecember

Different Characters in Undecember

As an Archer, Undecember players can use the Bow as their weapon. This is a weapon that players encounter toward the start of the game. The Bow is best equipped for performing ranged attacks, so players will find it most effective if they avoid using it up close.

While some of the best runes for an Archer build are rarer than others, the best way to buff an Icy Arrow build is to link it with different abilities that will buff both the Icy Arrow ability and the Archer’s base damage. Although less-rare Runes won’t help players’ abilities do as much damage, the effects prove better than having random skills in their place. Runes that players should link with Icy Arrows include: Attack DMG Increase (to increase their overall Damage), Find Weakness (to increase Critical Strike and Critical Damage), Additional Cold DMG (to increase the Cold Damage dealt), Concentrated Area DMG (to increase AOE damage), Element DMG Amplifier (to increase Physical and Elemental Effects), and Cold Penetration (for increased Cold Damage and Penetration).

While the Bow and Arrow make for an excellent weapon for Archers’ ranged attacks in Undecember, the six runes listed above can be linked to Icy Arrows to help them significantly damage enemies. Many of these effects will also apply to a player’s Frost Sphere explosion, which helps clear groups of enemies but works best against single-target opponents. Therefore, as players make their Icy Arrow Bow Build, they should focus on elements that increase their ranged weapon stats and elemental damage to build the best Archer in Undecember they can.

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