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10 Characters Redditors Wished Got More Screen Time

Though long since ended and despite its divisive ending, Lost still has a large following behind it, and many shows, such as Manifest, have clearly been inspired by the hit series. One of the most notable parts of the series is its massive cast, with dozens of main and secondary characters acting in important roles throughout the 6 season run.

However, due to the many characters in the show, many of them couldn’t get as much screen time as others, while many others were killed off too soon. This has led to many people taking to Reddit to voice their opinions on which characters they would’ve liked to see more of.


JacobJacob from Lost

Jacob quickly became a key character in the last few seasons of the show, but really only by reputation and name rather than appearance. In fact, the character dies in his first on-screen appearance.

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Though he appears as a spirit and in flashbacks in the final season, audiences don’t see much of him at all, which is a shame. As VbardV notes, “for someone so important,” the viewers could have learned a lot about the history of the island through him and the conflict against the Man in Black should have gotten more time on screen than what he did.

Mikhail BakuninMikhail from Lost

Not only was Mikhail one of the best side characters on LOST, but his limited amount of screen time meant that not much could be really known about his character or his backstory.

A running trope of Mikhail was his near-death appearances in almost every episode he appeared in. But the only backstory that fans get from him is his words rather than seeing them on screen (which deeply upset Redditors, such as xgeorgeoustormx, who wanted the “backstory”). Given that Mikhail killed one of the main characters, Charlie, he could have certainly turned into one of the next big bads.

Frank LapidusFrank Lapidus in Lost

Frank Lapidus is one of the most underrated characters on LOST, but despite his multiple season appearances, fans want more of the iconic character.

“Lapidus deserved his own episode,” declares Lil_Brown_Bat, for, despite appearing in many episodes and becoming a central character by the final season, Lapidus never received an episode in which he was the main focus character, with the closest to this being a shared focus episode in Season 4. Lapidus gained plenty of fans due to his appearances, but many fans just wanted more than what the showrunners gave them.

Rose & BernardRose and Bernard

Rose and Bernard are easily one of the best couples in the series, and fans were happy to see the two make it all the way until the end. But their appearances always felt lacking.

Both Rose and Bernard fell into a weird subcategory of being main characters but not main characters. As such, while they both appeared throughout all 6 seasons (with Bernard only missing out on the first season), fans still felt like they wanted more. As Artistic-Audience182 perfectly summarizes, “I would have liked it if they at least had another flashback episode.”

Mr. EkoMr. Eko on LOST

Mr. Eko’s story is one filled with faith and devotion. Unfortunately, his time on the show was too short for many Redditors.

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Due to the actor wanting to be written out of the series, Mr. Eko’s time on the show was limited, despite plans of him playing a more important role. One Redditor commented that, “The character was meant to be an important part of the show, almost as a “yin to the yang” of Locke.” Fans would’ve loved to see more of his character due to his personality and the story he brought to the show. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Goodwin StanhopeGoodwin from Lost

A key concept introduced in Season 1 of LOST is the idea of the Others infiltrating the groups of survivors. Goodwin Stanhope happens to be one of those infiltrators.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t last too long, and ends up dying relatively quickly. His subsequent appearances show that Ben sent him to his death due to his jealousy that he was having an affair with Juliet.

Still, with a character that “had lots of potential to be as important/interesting as someone like Juliet,” as noted by gnemegan. Goodwin could’ve had more to him. Instead, he dies with very little about him ever being shown.

Libby SmithLibby from Lost

Libby’s death was one of the saddest deaths in LOST, and also cut short the screen time of a character that many wanted to see more of.

A key part of her appearances was her relationship with Hurley. However, due to her untimely demise, the relationship didn’t have time to fully develop. As Akai_Kori complained, “it p—- me off so much not knowing what she wanted from Hurley.” Libby had the potential to be a long-running character like Hurley; unfortunately, the showrunners had a sadder fate in mind for her.

Tom FriendlyTom Friendly From Lost

Tom served as an antagonist and one of the more prominent Others in the series. Despite his frequent episode appearances, however, some fans still didn’t feel he got enough screen time.

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Known for his friendly nature despite his actions against the survivors, Tom’s deeds proved that he was a dangerous opponent. But even though he was a prominent Other, he only appeared in 20 episodes, including flashbacks. As iamsamwelll says, “I wish he could have popped up in the flash-sideways. He always seemed on the level.”

Shannon Rutherford

As a main character, Shannon was expected to live out a bit longer than she did. But, unfortunately for fans, she only lasted a little longer than her stepbrother, Boone.

Shannon is killed off 6 episodes into season 2, and given how unsympathetic her character seemed to be in the first season, fans wished that they had more time to get to know her better and have her character be redeemed following Boone’s death. Sadly for them, Shannon never got the chance to be fully redeemed until her untimely demise. According to MidtownJunk, she was “Gone too soon.”

Danielle Rousseau

After first being at odds with the survivors, Danielle slowly becomes an important part of the group in later episodes. Some Redditors, however, didn’t feel like this was enough screen time for her.

While much of Danielle’s story was revealed, her integration into the group or her reunion with Alex were not really touched upon, disappointing some Redditors. As ruthless100 commented, they would’ve liked “To see her slowly become more integrated with the group and […see] how her relationship with her daughter developed.” Danielle’s healing process after being alone for years would’ve been great to see. It also would have been interesting to see how Alex and Danielle would have bonded given their reunion in season 4.

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