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All The Clues To Wednesday’s Monster Identity & Villain Twists

Wednesday keeps its audience guessing about who the central monster and villain are, but the show lays plenty of clues about their identities in addition to the plot twists. Tim Burton’s Wednesday follows the titular character (who originated with the iconic The Addams Family franchise) as she gets sent to Nevermore, a school for “outcasts,” or students with special abilities. Though Wednesday doesn’t initially want to attend her parents’ alma mater, she quickly gets involved in trying to solve a series of monster attacks in Jericho’s town. Trying to figure out who the monster is and who is behind the attacks becomes both Wednesday’s mission and her obsession throughout the Netflix show.


While searching for the truth behind the Hyde attacks in Jericho, Wednesday Addams explores many options regarding the monster’s identity, taking viewers along for the ride. Although the Netflix show’s eponymous character initially believes Xavier Thorpe and Dr. Kinbott to be involved in the attacks at different points in Wednesday’s first season, the real Hyde and its master are revealed to be Tyler Galpin and Ms. Thornhill (AKA Laurel Gates), respectively. Despite all the twists in Wednesday, there are many clues as to who the real monster and villain are.

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Ms. Thornhill’s Boots

Wednesday Thornhill red boots

Although Wednesday initially misidentifies the master of the Hyde to be her and Tyler’s shared therapist, Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome), one of the major early clues that show it was Ms. Thornhill is her red boots. When Wednesday is first introduced to Ms. Thornhill, there is a shot that focuses on her red boots, which establishes that they are somehow important. Their significance is revealed when Eugene wakes from his coma after being attacked by the Hyde and tells Wednesday that the person he saw in the woods was wearing red boots. This ultimately makes Wednesday realize that the Hyde’s master is not Dr. Kinbott but Ms. Thornhill.

Tyler’s Issues With His Mother

Wednesday and Tyler

After Wednesday meets with Dr. Kinbott in Netflix’s Wednesday, she bumps into Tyler, who reveals he also sees Dr. Kinbott. Throughout the show, Tyler is working through trauma related to his deceased mother, who is later revealed also to have been a Hyde. When Wednesday gets Faulkner’s diary from the Nightshades library with the help of Thing and Uncle Fester, she learns that a traumatic event unleashes a Hyde’s power. Tyler’s trauma around his mother establishes his potential to be the Hyde, which Ms. Thornhill exploits to unlock his powers.

Ms. Thornhill’s Flowers

Wednesday Thornhill flower

The symbolism of the plants Ms. Thornhill is seen within Wednesday also provides clues to her villainous ways. When Ms. Thornhill meets Wednesday, she gives her a black dahlia as a gift, which has two connections: one to the Black Dahlia murder, which Wednesday herself makes, and another as a symbol of betrayal, foreshadowing Ms. Thornhill’s intentions. Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is also seen with a venus flytrap, one of the most iconic carnivorous plants, which also could serve as a connection to her role in the Hyde’s attacks. One scene in which Ms. Thornhill feeds the venus flytrap is a clever metaphor for her role in the Hyde attacks and her relationship with Tyler, as she tells him who to target.

When Wednesday is expelled from Nevermore, Ms. Thornhill gives her white oleander as a parting gift. Wednesday identifies the plant as one of the most deadly, while Ms. Thornhill mentions it symbolizes renewal and destiny. All three of these associations foreshadow the endgame of Ms. Thornhill’s plan, as well as her motives.

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Tyler’s Past Outcast Attack

Tyler wears a red apron on Wednesday

Though many details connect Ms. Thornhill to the plot against Nevermore’s students, Tyler’s involvement isn’t as clear, although some details make him more likely to be the Hyde than Xavier. During the first half of Wednesday, it is revealed that Tyler has a history of altercations with outcasts, given his role in attacking Xavier the year previous and ruining his mural. Tyler claims to Wednesday he is remorseful about the act and that he has changed, but his past casts a negative light on the character. Though it is revealed that learning his mother’s true form is what unlocked Tyler’s potential as the Hyde, Tyler’s history of attacking outcasts shows he might not have needed a big push to become complicit in Ms. Thornhill’s plan.

Ms. Thornhill Is A Normie

Wednesday Marilyn Thornhill Christina Ricci

At the beginning of Tim Burton’s Wednesday, it is mentioned that Ms. Thornhill is the only teacher at Nevermore who is a normie. The teacher later demonstrates that she knows more of the school’s secrets, such as the Nightshades snapping code, than she lets on, despite claiming she feels out of place given her identity. This detail establishes both Ms. Thornhill’s outsider status as a normie as well as her insider knowledge of Nevermore, making her the perfect master of the Hyde.

Tyler’s Disappearances

Wednesday and Tyler wearing black and white

Though it is not immediately apparent, Tyler and the Hyde are never seen in the same place in Wednesday. After the Carrie-esque prank that occurs at the Rave’N, Tyler leaves without Wednesday, resulting in the Hyde’s attack on Eugene in the woods (this is later revealed more overtly at the end of Wednesday). Later, when Tyler, Wednesday, and Enid investigate the abandoned Gates mansion, the Hyde comes after the two girls when Tyler is separated from them. There always seems to be an excuse as to why Tyler was separated from the group during a Hyde attack, but Tyler’s disappearances are a huge clue that points to him being the monster.

Wednesday’s Visions

Wednesday having a vision

The biggest clue towards Tyler’s identity as the Hyde is the visions that Wednesday gets, or more, specifically, when she gets them. Wednesday’s first vision of the Hyde, in which she foresees the monster attacking Rowan, occurs when Tyler grabs Wednesday to save her from the bullies. Wednesday eventually realizes Tyler, not Xavier, is the Hyde after their first kiss, in which she sees a clear vision of the monster. Since Wednesday tends to have psychic visions when she touches particular objects or people, the visions that Wednesday has when she and Tyler are in contact point to him being the Hyde in Wednesday.

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