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Maverick Star Uses Viral AI Trend for Bizarre New Headshots

Danny Ramirez, who played the pilot Fanboy in the hit legacy sequel Top Gun: Maverick, uses the viral AI art service to create brand-new headshots.

Top Gun: Maverick star Danny Ramirez hops on the viral trend of having an AI generate artwork to create a series of strange new headshots. Ramirez played the fresh-faced pilot Fanboy in the legacy sequel, which premiered on May 27 and quickly rose to become the highest-grossing domestic film of the year. Fanboy is one of a crop of new pilots, which also includes Rooster (Miles Teller), Hangman (Glen Powell), Phoenix (Monica Barbaro), and Bob (Lewis Pullman), who are all being trained by returning Top Gun hotshot Maverick (Tom Cruise) for an important new mission.


On his official Twitter account, Ramirez posts a set of four AI-generated avatars and imagines what projects the headshots might work best for. The first is a stark, black-and-white image on a red backdrop that he says would work for the buzzy satire Triangle of Sadness, while the second is a moodier shot he says could be used to play Zorro. The third one is where it gets strange, as it appears that his shirt and his flesh have merged in a peculiar optical illusion. He suggests that one might best fit a “psychedelic romance thriller,” but the final one delivers a high fantasy look with flowing locks that he feels could fit with the world of The Lord of the Rings. Check out his post below:

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Where Else You Know Danny Ramirez From

Falcon and Winter Soldier Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres

While Top Gun: Maverick has certainly been the most high-profile project Ramirez has participated in to date, his star has been rising over the past several years. His career began in 2015, when he started to guest star on television series like Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, Blindspot, and The Affair. He moved on to a blend of film and television a little later, taking on roles in the 2018 action film Assassination Nation and the 2020 musical remake Valley Girl.

By far his other most prominent recent role is another military character. He portrayed the rookie Air Force first lieutenant Joaquin Torres in 2021’s Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, accompanying the Falcon, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), on various missions to seek out and take down the group known as the Flag Smashers. When Wilson eventually took on the mantle of Captain America, Torres was gifted his Falcon suit. Ramirez will be reprising his role as Torres in the upcoming MCU Phase 5 film Captain America: New World Order, playing the new Falcon opposite Wilson’s Captain America.

What’s Next for Danny Ramirez After Top Gun: Maverick?

Top Gun Maverick Fanboy Danny Ramirez

Although Captain America: New World Order is poised to be the biggest project on the horizon for the Top Gun: Maverick star, Ramirez has several others in the works as well. This includes another Air Force-related film, the upcoming Emilia Jones movie Winner, which also features Connie Britton, Kathryn Newton, and Zach Galifianakis. He will also be appearing in the LGBTQ+ love triangle drama Chestnut, which also stars Stranger Things‘ Natalia Dyer.

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Source: Danny Ramirez/Twitter

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