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Why The Wolf Was On The Bullet Train

Most of the characters in Bullet Train are after the same briefcase, but Bad Bunny’s The Wolf had a very different reason to be on the train.

Bad Bunny plays a pivotal role in Bullet Train, and here is why The Wolf was on the bullet train to begin with. The story of David Leitch’s 2022 action comedy movie almost entirely takes place in the speeding locomotive in Japan that has a handful of assassins aboard on the same night. For most of the assassins and hitmen in Bullet Train, their reason for being aboard the mode of transportation is tied to a briefcase belonging to “The White Death.” Retrieving it is why Brad Pitt’s Ladybug is on the bullet train, but the same is not true for Bad Bunny’s The Wolf.


The sole reason why The Wolf was on the bullet train in the movie was to get revenge on the person responsible for killing his wife. As shown in his origin story, The Wolf rose through the ranks of the cartel and fell in love. However, tragedy struck when everyone at the wedding died, including his new bride. Since Ladybug was at The Wolf’s wedding in Bullet Train, the young cartel member assumed that Ladybug killed his wife. Even though The Wolf has an envelope confirming Hornet was responsible for his wife’s death, he seemingly never opened it before going to the train.

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The Wolf Being On The Train Made Bullet Train Better

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Having The Wolf be on the train is one part of Bullet Train that is quite successful. His introduction and backstory give the movie an added sense of confusion, as Ladybug has no idea who he is at first or why he so desperately wants to kill him. Brad Pitt’s character might remember his face but has no idea how they have crossed paths before, unlike knowing about Lemon and Tangerine’s past. The Wolf becomes an agent of chaos in this way, as he immediately changes the dynamic of the train and gives Brad Pitt’s character another puzzle piece to figure out.

The Wolf’s Bullet Train Role Was Smaller Than Expected

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The surprising part of The Wolf’s Bullet Train role was just how small it really was. Bad Bunny was featured quite prominently in the film’s marketing campaign, leading to an expectation that he had a substantial role. The reality was that The Wolf is only part of the movie for about five minutes from the time he first appears until Bad Bunny’s character dies fighting Brad Pitt’s assassin well before Bullet Train‘s ending. The marketing trick by Sony appears to have been done to try and intrigue the international pop star’s large fan base in an attempt to draw them all to the theaters.

The small role for Bad Bunny’s The Wolf in Bullet Train also came as a surprise considering how Sony invested heavily in the actor’s future due to his role in the movie. It was this experience working together that led Sony to begin developing a Spider-Man villain movie starring Bad Bunny. Just as Bullet Train helped Aaron Taylor-Johnson become the lead in Kraven the Hunter, Sony began developing El Muerto with Bad Bunny thanks to the action comedy. But while Aaron Taylor-Johnson had one of Bullet Train‘s largest roles, Bad Bunny’s role is quite small given how briefly The Wolf is on the bullet train and alive.

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