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God Of War Ragnarok: 10 Best Enchantments, Ranked

God of War Ragnarök continues to sell well and receive excellent reviews since its release on November 9th. The Game Awards will be taking place on December 8th to crown the Game of the Year alongside the winner of several other categories. Ragnarök stands a great chance at winning the most categories thanks to it having more nominations than any other game.

In this game, combat can be rough, even on the lower difficulties. Thankfully, there’s a way to make things easier with enchantments. These can be located throughout the world and by the end of the game, players will be able to equip up to nine of them.


10/10 Remedy Of The Bifrost

Remedy of the Bifrost enchantment in god of war ragnarok.

Remedy of the Bifrost is the perfect enchantment to have equipped when players are going up against enemies that deal Bifrost damage. This is a nuisance of an effect and this enchantment makes things much easier.

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Every successful attack that Kratos makes against an enemy will slowly heal Bifrost from his health bar. This allows the player to almost totally ignore the Bifrost damage as long as they’re quick enough. Players can craft this enchantment in the shop.

9/10 Emblem Of The Nine Realms

Kratos and Heimdall Battling Over the Draupnir Spear in God of War Ragnarok

Emblem of the Nine Realms is an essential enchantment that they’ll want to equip when they’re ready to tackle various Realm Shifts in the game. Players will get this enchantment after defeating one of the gods players fight in God of War Ragnarök, Heimdall.

It increases all melee damage the player deals in Realm Shifts. This will help dramatically when players are tracking down each individual Realm Shift as the enemies that sprawl out of them can often be quite troublesome.

8/10 Niflheim Set

Image of Kratos fighting Garm in God of War Ragnarok.

There are five different Niflheim enchantments the player can get, and they will need to equip three of them if they want the full effect they provide. It increases Kratos’s melee damage as long as he is above 75% health.

Each Niflheim enchantment grants a different bonus that will lend to Kratos’s overall stats. They are located in different areas, but two of them can be obtained by completing the Reunion quest, whereas a third can be crafted at the shop. The fourth one is gained after finishing the Under the Rainbow favor and the last one will be earned when killing the Raven Keeper.

7/10 Alfheim Set

Kratos preparing to fight the Grave Belly boss from god of war ragnarok.

Like the Niflheim enchantments, the player will need to have at least three Alfheim enchantments equipped to get the set bonus. There are four different Alfheim enchantments in God of War Ragnarök in total.

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Honor can be obtained by killing the Frost Phantom, Fortune by killing the Grave Belly, Virtue by completing the Forgotten Tower favor, and Vigor from the Overworld. The set bonus grants Kratos empowered attacks every time he performs a last-second dodge.

6/10 Asgard Set

Kratos with enchantments equipped in god of war ragnarok.

The Asgard enchantments are another set players can equip to get a set bonus by equipping three. Their set bonus increases the heavy damage of all Kratos’s attacks and abilities based on his cooldown. Each one has some amazing stat boosts, like an increase in Strength and Cooldown which will lend support to the set bonus ability.

Two of these can be found during the Realms of the War quest. Two others can be found by fighting some of the difficult Berserker boss battles in GoW Ragnarok, Harđrefill and Beigađr. The last one can be obtained by completing the Scar is Born favor.

5/10 Token Of Elemental Evasion

Several enchantments and the Token of Elemental Evasion with its description in god of war ragnarok.

Token of Elemental Evasion is one of the most useful enchantments players can get in God of War Ragnarök and every player should equip it when they’re fighting opponents that use specific elemental effects.

Every time Kratos, the best God of War character, dodge rolls it will immediately hasten the expiration of the elemental effects–Burn, Poison, and Frost. This can be obtained the first time the player raids a Kol Raider camp on Midgard.

4/10 Emblem Of Elusion

Kratos beginning the Lost Treasure favor in god of war ragnarok.

The Emblem of Elusion is a vital skill for players who find that they lack too much speed in combat, especially when they’re dodging. Every time Kratos evades an attack, he will gain a burst of speed that will help him run further.

This can truly turn the tide against some opponents, especially in some of the hardest boss fights in GoW Ragnarök like Gná and King Hrólf. Players will obtain this enchantment when they complete the Lost Treasure favor in Svartalfheim.

3/10 Celestial Panacea

Kratos at the wishing well in god of war ragnarok.

Celestial Panacea is another enchantment players will want to equip to help their defenses against the annoying elemental effects in the game.

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It gives a 25% resistance to every elemental and status effect in the game, which includes Burn, Frost, Poison, Bifrost, Daze, and Shock. This can be obtained from the Wishing Well in Vanaheim which comes with several other amazing rewards.

2/10 Crest Of Desperate Heroics

Crest of Desperate Heroics enchantment in god of war ragnarok.

The Crest of Desperate Heroics is a great enchantment to rely on, and its effect will only kick in when Kratos is near death. When he is, he will be granted a short burst of an invincible barrier and a buff to strength.

This will help Kratos drive back his enemy as he fights at the brink of death. Once this boost ends, Kratos will then be given a burst of health back to help him survive even longer. Players can obtain this by completing the Casualty of War: The Broch.

1/10 Greater Regenerating Essence

Kratos fighting the Slag Horn boss in god of war ragnarok.

Greater Regenerating Essence will be many players’ best friend. A lesser version of this enchantment can be obtained at an earlier point by completing the Quaking Hollow favor.

However, the Greater Regenerating Essence can be earned by killing the Slag Horn in the Path of Destruction favor in Vanaheim’s jungle. As the name suggests, this enchantment grants a constant regeneration to Kratos’s health and is a superior version of the regular Regenerating Essence.

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