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Why Kathryn Dennis’ Legal Issues Aren’t A Surprise To Southern Charm Fans

Fans of Bravo’s Southern Charm are not surprised that Kathryn Dennis has once again found herself involved in legal issues regarding her home.

Fans of Southern Charm have empathized with Kathryn Dennis since joining the show, as she’s been embroiled in multiple legal issues. The mother of two joined the hit franchise at 21 years old. It was clear to viewers that her former costar Thomas Ravenel took advantage of her naivety and didn’t want a long-term commitment in his future, leaving Kathryn to fend for herself.

After news broke this week that Kathryn had been served with an eviction notice on her luxury apartment in Charleston, Southern Charm viewers took to Reddit to share why they were not really surprised the star had found herself back on the wrong side of the law. U/Dwillow1228 started a Reddit thread and wrote that Kathryn was “extremely unstable” and has been from day one. As viewers know, Kathryn has struggled with her addiction issues but has claimed to be clean for years, even though Thomas still accuses her of possible recreational use. Most followers agreed that Kathryn is “terrible” at managing her money as she always lives beyond her means.


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Southern Charm Fans Don’t Want Kathryn To Live Above Her Means

Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm

Many Southern Charm fans shared that they believe Kathryn has an “extreme case” of keeping up with the Joneses. Other thread participants pointed out that the need to have the next best thing can be common in cities such as Charleston. It would make sense for Kathryn, who’s known for some problematic behavior, to want to “fit in,” but many hope that one day she will realize it is okay to live modestly and within her means. Where Kathryn lives in downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant are both notoriously known to be expensive.

Southern Charm followers were quickly reminded that Kathryn once paid $10,000 a month for a home on Broad Street and drove a Rolls-Royce. Kathryn’s newest residence, East Bay apartments, charges $6,400 for a three-bedroom luxury townhouse. After the current season, fans noticed her unit had floor-to-ceiling windows, two floors, a white kitchen complete with a marble countertop island, and a living room big enough for a huge couch.

The main question that should be asked is why any company was willing to give Kathryn, who’s feuding with Naomie Olindo, a lease after having more than one eviction notice on her record. Kathryn’s finances have been in shambles since she was fired from multiple influencer jobs following her racist remarks. Currently, it looks like she may only receive her Bravo paycheck, but it isn’t large enough to cover her monthly expenses. Southern Charm fans think she may need to ask Andy Cohen for a raise.

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