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What Happened To Mark Cuevas After Season 1

Since Mark Cuevas appeared in Love Is Blind season 1, he began a whole new life and separated himself from the reality TV series. Viewers who watched the first season of the Netflix series might remember Mark for his relationship with Jessica Batten. The pair got engaged in the pods, and Mark was head-over-heels for Jessica; however, she did seem to feel the same way. Even though Jessica was excited about their relationship in the pods, once they saw each other for the first time, fans noticed she no longer shared those same feelings.


Throughout the process of the experiment, viewers saw how Jessica and Mark tried to make their relationship work, but they were never on the same page. To make matters worse, Jessica still had feelings for Matthew Barnett, who is now married to Amber Pike. Despite the love triangle, Jessica and Mark did their best to make the relationship work and build a life together once the experiment was over. Once Jessica walked down the aisle, she decided to end the engagement and leave Mark at the altar. So where is Mark now?

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Mark Cuevas Found Love After Love Is Blind

Since Love Is Blind season 1 started airing on Netflix in February 2020, Mark has remained out of the spotlight in relation to the show. In fact, Mark didn’t even show up to film After The Alter, a follow-up to the season. While no one knows why Mark didn’t show up, it is believed he didn’t want to address the elephant in the room. After Love Is Blind season 1 hit Netflix, Mark began dating LC, one of the women Barnett was interested in while filming the show. According to Refinery29, she and Mark started dating in May 2020 after he slid into her DM’s after watching her do a drunk review of the film adaptation of Cats and asked to hang out that night. After dating for a few months, LC found out Mark was seeing another girl and told her she want to be in an open relationship, which resulted in their breakup.

The Cuevas Family is Growing

Dating another Love Is Blind cast member isn’t the only thing Mark has been up to the past two years. In October 2020, Mark revealed he and his girlfriend, Aubrey Rainey, were expecting a child on his Instagram. A month later, Mark and Aubrey announced their engagement. In April 2021, the pair announced the birth of their baby boy, Ace Anthony Cuevas. Less than a year after welcoming their son, Mark confirmed the pair was pregnant again and have another boy baby on the way.

They were expecting to welcome their son in March 2022, but Aubrey gave birth a month earlier. “Sometimes “sooner, rather than later” becomes a reality and our baby boy decided he was ready to join the party. Welcome to The Family Axton Anders Cuevas 2.3.22,” Mark captioned his post alongside a photo of the three of them. On Sunday, September 4, 2022, Mark and Aubrey were married in a simple ceremony. The two exchanged vows in front of their family and friends with both of their sons present and participating in the ceremony. They both posted beautiful photos and videos of the wedding, with Aubrey calling it “the most magical day.” The couple is now focused on their family.

Since filming Love Is Blind, Mark has transitioned from a playboy to a family man. Even though he played some women along the way, Mark is doing the right thing by sticking by the mother of his children. It seems Mark won’t be appearing on Love Is Blind ever again.

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