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Dead Boy Detectives Gets Exciting Filming Update From Neil Gaiman

The upcoming HBO Max series Dead Boy Detectives gets an exciting filming update from creator Neil Gaiman amid HBO and DC show cancelations.

Neil Gaiman has given an exciting filming update for the upcoming HBO Max series Dead Boy Detectives. The Dead Boy Detectives, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland, are fictional characters who first appeared in Gaiman’s comic The Sandman No. 25. Paine and Rowland first appeared on-screen in 2021 in Doom Patrol season 3, in which Paine was played by Heartstopper actor Sebastian Croft, and Rowland was played by Ty Tennant. In September 2021, it was announced that HBO Max had ordered a potential Dead Boy Detectives series, and updates were sporadically given on the project over the following year. Currently, there is no confirmed release date for Dead Boy Detectives.


In a post to Twitter from Gaiman, the author has confirmed that Dead Boy Detectives is still happening at HBO Max, amidst both HBO and DC scrapping several major projects over the past several months.

English writer Toby Litt posted to Twitter saying that “The #DeadBoyDetectives TV show is definitely happening. They’re filming it now with, like, sets and directors and everything.” Gaiman simply responded to Litt’s tweet by promising that filming on the show “is so good.”

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Everything We Know About Dead Boy Detectives

While the Dead Boy Detectives didn’t start out with a comic of their own, the characters reappeared in several of Gaiman’s works, including the Children’s Crusade crossovers, in several The Books of Magic stories, and in Death: At Death’s Door. In 2001, the Dead Boy Detectives received their own miniseries of comics entitled Sandman Presents: Dead Boy Detectives. The premise of the Dead Boy Detectives revolves around young boys Rowland and Paine who, after meeting untimely deaths, choose to stay on Earth rather than going into the afterlife, so that they can solve paranormal crimes.

Though the Dead Boy Detectives appeared in Doom Patrol season 3 for a singular episode, and the Dead Boy Detectives series was ordered shortly thereafter, it has since been confirmed that the Doom Patrol casting will not carry on into the new series. Instead, Rowland will be played by Jayden Revri, and Paine will be played by George Rexstrew. Though it remains unclear if the series will have any ties to Doom Patrol, such actors as Ruth Connell have already been confirmed to reprise their Doom Patrol roles in Dead Boy Detectives. The series will run for eight episodes on HBO Max, with Supernatural writers Steve Yockey and Jeremy Carver executive producing.

As Dead Boy Detectives is currently filming, it may still be some time before Gaiman’s series is released on the streaming service. And, with both HBO and DC having recently axed many projects, there is still some concern among fans that the series may be even farther off than previously anticipated. But with Gaiman’s reassurance, and confirmation that filming is underway, Sandman and Doom Patrol fans alike finally have another Gaiman project to look forward to in Dead Boy Detectives.

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