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Deadpool Officially Has A Son…With The Carnage Symbiote

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, Wade Wilson has a young version of Carnage living inside of him (and it sees him as its parent).

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Deadpool #3In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, it’s revealed that Wade Wilson has a child…with the Carnage symbiote. In one of Deadpool’s strangest stories of all time, the evil geneticist known as the Harrower kidnaped and used Wade Wilson as the perfect host and incubator for her own hybrid of Carnage, the Merc with the Mouth’s ability to regrow organs making him a prime replenishable food source for this young parasite. However, it seems as though Deadpool and this new version of Carnage have weirdly begun to bond in this new issue.


As seen in the new Deadpool #3 from Alyssa Wong and Martin Coccolo, Wade’s new crush Valentine Vuong has taken Deadpool and his new offspring to the zoo for a field test, hoping to see if they can coexist without killing each other. While Deadpool started calling his own personal symbiote “Carnage Jr.” he’s also given it the name “Renesmee” a hilarious Twilight reference to the daughter of Bella Swan’s whose vampire pregnancy threatened to kill her. Likewise, little Ren has already started talking, calling Deadpool “Papa” (while trying to get Wade and Valentine to kiss).

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Will Deadpool’s Symbiote Become A Permanent Addition?

Deadpool Has His Own Carnage Symbiote Son

Living inside Wade, Renesmee can become a second set of arms when needed, making it hard to deny that the symbiote hasn’t provided Deadpool with an impressive (yet pretty gross) power upgrade. Likewise, Deadpool naming his symbiote is a good sign that he’s started to become attached to the little guy who’s currently calling his organs home. That being said, Harrower clearly wants her creation back and has even gone so far as to team up with Doctor Octopus by the end of this new issue.

It should also be noted that Valentine was never supposed to help Deadpool recover, seeing as how they’re a member of the prestigious group of mercenaries known as the Atelier who offered an audition to Wade which he failed. Now, it looks as though both Wade and Valentine will soon be in the Atelier’s crosshairs. However, it looks as though Deadpool has to protect Renesmee from Harrower before they can worry about that.

While stranger things have happened in comic books, Deadpool having a symbiote Carnage child ranks pretty high on the list. Seeing as how the two have already begun seeing themselves as family, Renesmee could very well become a permanent addition to Deadpool’s life going forward. Deadpool #4 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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