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Marvel’s NEW Venom Is The Most Powerful Symbiote Ever

Dylan Brock, the son of the original Venom, Eddie, has unlocked a new power that makes him a threat even for the all-powerful King in Black.

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #15.

Marvel Comics’ new version of Venom has become the most powerful symbiote ever. Dylan Brock, the son of the original Venom host, Eddie, has unlocked a new power that allows him to sever a symbiote’s connection to the hive mind, which makes him a threat even for the all-powerful Kings in Black.

The current Venom series has followed the parallel adventures of Eddie Brock, who ventured through space and time to understand his godlike abilities as the new King in Black, and his son Dylan, left on Earth and bonded with the Venom symbiote to protect him, thinking that is father actually died. In truth, Eddie became a victim of a future version of himself, Meridius, the most powerful King in Black whose mysterious plans unravel through centuries. The only one who can save Eddie is Dylan, who has uncovered a new power hidden inside the Venom symbiote bonded to his body.


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Dylan Brock Is The Strongest Venom Ever, And He Can Kill A King In Black

venom dylan brock vs bedlam

In Venom #15, by Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Scott Hanna, and Alex Sinclair, Dylan is fighting his father who, through Meridius’ machinations, has metamorphosed into another future version of himself, the rage-driven red King in Black Bedlam. Dylan, however, unleashes his new power as Codex, the “chainbreaker” who wields All-Black, the mighty sword that Eddie took from Knull when he defeated him. Dylan has the ability to separate a klyntar from his hive every time he bonds with one, and through All-Black he can do the same to other symbiotes. This is shown when he cuts Bedlam’s hand, which will not grow back because it is now severed from the klyntar hive mind.

These abilities have been awakened by Dylan’s discovery that he is the son of the Venom symbiote as much as he is Eddie’s. The klyntar were created by the primordial god Knull from the “living abyss” beyond the universe, to be the soldiers in his endless wars. While they function by bonding with a host, the symbiotes are all connected to a hive mind controlled by the current King in Black. Dylan’s unique powers can “reap a symbiote from the hive“, meaning that he is the only one who can fight against the King in Black, who is almost omnipotent while he’s connected to the hive. This also means that he is the only one who can kill a King in Black for good, which could save Eddie from his inevitable future of becoming Meridius.

dylan brock origins as venom's son

The full extent of Dylan’s abilities still has to be revealed. Wielding the necrosword All-Black, one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, already made Dylan the most powerful version of Venom ever, but his new powers confirm that he can do things that no other symbiote can do. Klyntars are by definition a collective race, which means they can be enslaved by whoever is controlling the hive mind. Dylan is the only one who can give a symbiote true freedom, which makes him the only one who can save his father, kill the godly Kings in Black, and the most powerful Venom ever.

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Venom #15 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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